Elections to the Momentum National Coordinating Group (NCG)

Momentum’s governing National Coordinating Group (NCG) includes 12 member representatives, elected annually by the Momentum membership. (Not a member? Join by Midnight Sun 1st April and secure your vote).

Wednesday 14th March to Midnight Saturday 31st March - Potential candidates can put themselves forward for nomination. Candidates need 20 nominations from fellow members to proceed to the voting stage.

Midday Monday 2nd April to Midnight Mon 16th April - All Momentum members can vote for their representatives. Voting will close on Midnight Mon 16th April at midday so make sure you cast your vote before then!

If you would like to put yourself forward for election, click here to fill in the nomination form. The three regional divisions that members vote in are: 1) North, Scotland and International; 2) Midlands, Wales, East and West; or 3) the South East. You’ll need to obtain nominations from 20 other Momentum members in your regional division by the end of the nomination period (midday on Midnight Saturday 31st March).

Members can nominate you here, or you can send them the unique link to your candidate page, which will have been emailed to you.

Voting runs from Midday Monday 2nd April to Midnight Mon 16th April

All Momentum members will receive an email with a link and unique voting code (From: vote@peoplesmomentum.com, Subject: ‘Election: Vote for your new National Coordinating Group').

There are 3 regional divisions:
1) North, Scotland and international
2) Midlands, Wales, East and West
3) South East

Members can vote for 4 candidates from their region. See for below for full information about the composition of the NCG and the voting system used.

There are 12 member representatives on the NCG, with 4 from each of 3 regional divisions:

  • 4 positions from the North, Scotland and International
  • 4 positions from Midlands, Wales, East and the West
  • 4 positions from the South East
The constitution states that at least two of the members elected from each division should be women, and at least one should self-identify as BAME (black, Asian, ethnic minority). If the 12 members who are elected do not include one person who self-identifies as disabled, one person who self-identifies as LGBT+ and two young persons under 30, then up to 4 more places will be elected to ensure these groups are represented.

The voting system for the election is multiple non-transferable vote, which is the system used for local council elections in England. This is a non-preference based system, meaning you will be able to put a cross by four candidates' names, without ordering them by number. The NCG also comprises the following positions, to be elected by each of the following constituencies:

  • 4 Momentum members who are Labour public office holders
  • 6 members nominated by affiliated trade unions
  • 4 members nominated by other affiliated organisations, plus 1 place for Welsh Labour Grassroots and 1 place for Campaign for Socialism (Scotland)
Elections take place every calendar year and the NCG must meet a minimum of 4 times a year.

For more information about the election process please see this Election Process for the NCG document.

If you encounter any problems please in the process or have accessibility requirements, please email vote@peoplesmomentum.com.