Candidates and statements

The Momentum National Coordinating Group elections close on Midnight Monday 16th April.

Rheian Davies

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I grew up in the South Wales Valleys which made me a life-long socialist. After working as a psychiatric nurse for fifteen years, I retrained as a legal aid solicitor. My practice mainly deals with those with severe mental health problems and the homeless. I see every day happens to people who are on the wrong side of the inequality divide in this country, and that experience is what drives me to demand change.
When I re-joined the Labour Party, I underestimated the extent of the battles we would have to wage, and still wage, to transform our party. Momentum can only continue to spearhead that change if we ourselves, are driven by democracy from the bottom upwards, which I will push for if elected. I also believe we need democratic regional structures to organise our members.
I was previously a shop-steward for COHSE, sat on UNISON NW Exec, also the Welsh Executive of the Party. I have been a key organiser in Ealing Momentum, I am the ward membership secretary and Campaign Co-ordinator for Ealing Southall CLP. I am a UNITE member, campaigning for legal workers unionisation and sit on the Executive of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers.

Nominated by: Adam Marley, Ripon Ray, Katherine Mcginn, Neil Channing, Amin Mawani, Petros Katradis, Patrick Cogan, Anne Laymond, Edward Coleman, Alan Lomax, Florence Pinaud, Mike Barnshaw, Sam Phillips, David Edwards, Sophie Talbot, Julie O'donnell, Christine Hurley, Kathy Hawes, Helen Hardy, Sam Green

Daniel W. Round

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I am a socialist who has been politically active since around 2010. Since the initial membership surge and Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader, I have been instrumental in building vibrant Young Labour and Momentum groups in the Dudley borough. I have also been active in London.

I am a member of Red Labour and an editor of the Clarion, a monthly socialist magazine that aims to facilitate critical debate across the Labour Left.

I am standing for the Momentum NCG on a platform of:

- Democratising not just the Labour Party, but Momentum too!
- Making Momentum the participatory movement that it originally aimed to be in 2015/16.
- Defending (and extending) freedom of movement as the Brexit debate continues.
- Defending the union link and actively supporting workers’ struggles.
- Building healthier relationships between Momentum and other key organisations on the Labour Left.
- Greater scrutiny of MPs, PPCs, councillors, etc. and fighting for more democratic selection processes.
- Supporting young members and providing them with the tools that can make them effective organisers in their CLPs, workplaces, etc.
- Making Momentum the Left’s activist hub for socialist education.

Thanks for reading. I hope you consider supporting me!

Nominated by: Jae Robinson, Carolanne Marie Lello, Chris Hicks, Jack Downes, Sarah-jane Kavanagh, Jo Hill, Karen Purdy, Pete Radcliff, David Dominic, John Kelly, Rhian Keyse, Chris Barnett, Vicki Morris, Eileen Callear, Rod Jones, Paul Mcnamara, Thomas B Heavey, Christine Rimmer, Susan Moffat, John Stokes

Steve Hudson

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: As the co-chair of the newly-formed Labour Germany BLP, chair of the Labour International Left Alliance, the local group coordinator for Momentum’s international members and supporters, and the chair of the grassroots German NoGroKo campaign against a further coalition between the SPD and the conservative CDU, I am standing specifically to encourage Momentum to take a more internationalist perspective.

We desperately need a socialist government in Britain. But our legacy must be more than just ending austerity in the UK: we need to spread member-led democratic socialism worldwide.

Activists around the world have been inspired by Momentum and the Corbyn phenomenon. We need to share our acquired knowledge with them - and learn from their experiences on the ground to find solutions that really work For The Many.

Most of all, we need to build networks of international solidarity. These will be vital to the survival and success of an incoming Labour government.

For this, we don’t need to wait for a Labour general election victory. We need to organise now - connecting campaigns, movements and especially industrial action up with counterparts around the world. The opponents and problems we face are international. Our response must be too.

Nominated by: Rhys Campbell, Philip Adams, Nicholas Williams, Sam Gorst, Adam Mcnamara, Benjamin Eckford, Timothy Syme, Colin O Driscoll, Ian Hollingworth, Edd Mustill, Colin Wood, Matt York, David Quinn, Patrick Byrne, Jonathan Clyne, Jennifer Semahimbo, Susan Ram, Les Adams, David Andrew Gannon, Andrew Warburton

Jack Witek

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I grew up in Cornwall, and have since made Plymouth my home. So I have first hand experience of both the power of the new politics, and of being politically sidelined and ignored, in a part of the country Labour never had any claim to until recently. I joined the Labour Party immediately after Corbyn became leader, and got actively involved right after the EU referendum and #chickencoup.

In that time I have most notably worked on events organising, as lead organiser for The World Transformed: Take Back Control Plymouth, to Momentum presents Sister Fix, and successful Labour fundraisers, as well as target seat campaigns.

I have been empowered by this movement, but also frustrated. Living in a part of the country as remote as I do, I see many of the problems of organising a national network from London, that at once desires to be decentralised yet centralised. I would work towards clear lines of communication, transparency and accountability.

We need to focus on long term sustainability, capacity building, and the health of the movement and the people in it, and always strive to be the best exemplars in everything we do.

Nominated by: Victoria Mitchell, Kate Ewert, Tyler Bennetts, Margaret Corvid, Kate Thomas, Jennifer Forbes, Corinne Lamoureux, Helen Williams, Jae Robinson, Kevin Ewert, Lesley Carty, Dr. David Brockington, Kim Hayward, Francesca Rees, Z Goodman, Lisette Brooks, Leigh-ann Clarke, Thomas Pearce, Pete Luce, David Owen, Daniel Tucker

Sam Gorst

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: I was inspired to join Momentum and the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and since then I have developed the passion to put socialism on the agenda. I want to improve the lives of those most in need, enhance youth involvement and help shape a more equal society.

I am currently the Youth Officer of Garston and Halewood CLP and on the panel to hopefully become a young socialist BAME councillor. I also acted as the social media officer during the general election for Liverpool Momentum.

I am of mixed heritage and have a passion for creating more inclusion within our communities. I want to be the BAME representative on the National Coordinating Group making sure there is a platform for BAME issues and that the BAME voice has a direct influence on the Momentum constitution.

I will review all members’ opinions regularly to identify opportunities for improvement. I am receptive to feedback and new ideas. I will always identify opportunities to help others and make policy fairer and inclusive. I want to live in a society that is content and build on the strong sense of community that Momentum has already created.

Nominated by: David Andrew Gannon, Alice Bennett, Pauline Gibbons, Sara Whiteside, Adam Mcnamara, Lisa Rossetti, Julie Skinner, Diane Hempsall, Helen Rutherford-gregory, Pete Rossetti, Eric Mcintosh, Samantha Davies, Jade Doswell, Shana Begum, Paul Mcnulty, Jeanette Fletcher, Ian Fletcher, Pete Goldup, Mike Eakins, Mark Adkins

Allyssa McIntyre

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I believe passionately in Momentum and its founding principles. I would carry that ethos forward in the National Coordinating Group

My commitment to Momentum remains resolute despite the negative MSM coverage we get. it is about people, its most important resource, whether activists, supporters, or just those who need Momentum to fight for Jeremy Corbyn and the last Labour manifesto.
My local branch in Norwich has members from every walk of life. Long time Labour members, students, single parents, disabled, LGBT and pensioners. The one thing we have in common is a search for a more equal society and equality of opportunity for the many - not the few.

My reasons for wishing to become a member of the National Coordinating Group of Momentum are based on my belief in the principles of a member led grassroots movement, its need to continue to adapt and flex to provide the best possible opportunity for a socialist Labour Government
By working together inside the Labour Party, we can ensure the continued success of our movement.

Nominated by: Bridget Lely, Karen Michael, Nigel Shaw, Jim Leman, Fiona Shaw, Richard Cranmer, Mark Randall, Mandy Mckenna, David Heywood, Owen Jones, Thai Braddick, Ian Ilett, Daniel Rowe, Norman Brady, Jeni Treves, Sean Meleady, Andy Chambers, Debbie Thimpson, Shaun Smith, Elaine Addison

Ed Whitby

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: Proud socialist, labour movement and LGBT activist, secretary Newcastle Momentum, Unison Labour Link officer, delegate Newcastle East CLP.

Standing for a democratic, member led, socialist Momentum to transform Labour at all levels of the party. A Momentum not led by the centre and London - decisions made by the many not the few!

- member of first Momentum national committee elected by all member conference in north east and north cumbria
- produced detailed minutes of all meetings see:
- helped launch Unison4Corbyn
- key organiser of both Corbyn leadership campaigns in the north east (speaking alongside Corbyn at opening rally, and chairing rally with John McDonnell)
- set up Momentum regional network, spoken at 8 Momentum groups in my region
- anti-cuts campaigner

Support workers’ and community struggles
Pro-free movement, open borders, anti-Brexit
Against all forms of oppression for migrants’ rights, against anti-semitism, against anti-Muslim bigotry, for trans rights, for disability rights, against state brutality. A socialist feminist agenda for a Labour women’s movement.
Radical democracy in Labour – against the purge
Radical democracy in Momentum
Argue for socialism – transform Labour
Defend the union link

Please support Camila Bassi, and Tracy McGuire

Nominated by: Emma Runswick, Gavin Johnston, Pete Campbell, Katy Mccafferty, Graeme Marshall, Eleanor Constance (connie) Jensen, Benjamin Eckford, C Richardson, David Stewart, Tracy Mcguire, Suzie Cooper, Stephen Fairfax, Julie Armstrong, Matthew Lacey, Lara Ellis, Helen Rutherford-gregory, Emma Rowell, Asanga Witana, Harry Cross, Elizabeth Griffiths

Terry Deans

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I believe that there is a huge raft of talented and committed people in the Labour Party.

A membership of over 500k is a formidable and irresistible force for good if it is incentified, facilitated and empowered properly. Unleashing it against the Tories would be a dream that so many of us have come here to realise under the inspirational guidance of Jeremy Corbyn.

As a delegate to Momentum's NCG, I would prioritise my efforts in identifying, encouraging and enabling anyone with the self-belief, desire and passion to be at the driving end of the Labour Party.

Since joining the party in September 2015, I have focused on the grassroots membership pushing from the bottom to the top. Whether as a Momentum Chair for my own local group in Plymouth or as a Vice-Chair of my CLP and, more recently, as Secretary of my local branch. I am successful at forging alliances, creating positive relationships and embodying trust and honesty by example and straightforward language in communication which has meant that members gravitate to me, have faith in my ability to deliver and are inspired to realise the confidence in their own vision, ability and destiny in the Labour Party.

Nominated by: Ian Quance, Derek Blackmore, Paul Mcnamara, John Challen, Julia Bird, Richard Lynch, Joe Currey, Jeff Thomas, Kay Meades, Kevin Armes, Ruth Nation, Jackie Hilton, Jae Robinson, Nabila Ahmed, Dr Jasmine Williams, Lesley Carty, Keith Moore, Jill Narin, Katy Samuels, Gemma Peter

Ben Timberley

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I'm an experienced Momentum / Labour activist, and currently one of the busiest Official Momentum Training Volunteers in the UK.

Momentum is at a critical point in its journey. We're helping Jeremy win and implementing the 'community-led' activism that has been missing for generations.

Sadly, during my travels delivering training, Momentum members have shared with me their experiences of the following within Momentum:
1) Bullying, ostracism and abuse.
2) A communications black-out from our head office.
3) Zero contact from their *paid* Momentum regional organiser.
4) A local Momentum group that is operated for the benefit of a small group of 'well connected' party careerists.
5) They have been arbitrarily barred from a local Momentum facebook group for 'having an opinion' that an admin doesn't like.
6) A lack of Momentum resources (and access) when compared to Momentum groups within the M25.

If you nominate and elect me, I'll tackle these issues directly, and focus on the following:
a) Support suspended / expelled party members.
b) Implement formal local group structures & processes.
c) Moving Momentum out of London.
d) Improving organisational communications.
e) Dealing with complaints.

It's time to get serious for Momentum. #BT4NCG

Thank you comrades.

Nominated by: Paul Knaggs, Kathleen Timberley, Martin Jarvis, Andrea Burford, Lakhvinder Singh, John Pearson, Allison Malcolm, Karen Springer, Tracey Silk, David Towers, Adam Huckerby, Ian Ampleford, Richard D'amelio, Elizabeth Hames, Lesley Crompton, Louise Hart, Terry Deans, Jae Robinson, Ian Quance, Louise Melbourne

Aneesa Akbar

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: I joined the Labour Party just before the 2015 leadership election but had floated around Labour for a long time. As a student at Hull University, I was involved in the occupation against the rise in tuition fees to £9,000 and was working with groups to highlight the effects of austerity.

When Jeremy Corbyn stood for the leadership, I had full confidence that Labour was heading towards a position to start fighting back against austerity and I began to get more involved. I’m currently the Vice Chair of Hull West & Hessle CLP and have just been elected onto the Regional Board for my region. I’m also standing in the local elections this May.

Our movement feels so exciting right now and we have many activists who want to be engaged with this process. The activist training network is a good start, but we need to massively scale this up to help better support our activists in moulding our movement. If elected to the NCG, I’ll fight for more coordination and support amongst the grassroots and for a greater level of transparency within our national decision-making processes.

Please also consider supporting Elizabeth Hayden, Navendu Mishra and John Taylor.

Nominated by: Jordan Brown, John Taylor, Navendu Mishra, Alan Pearson, Adam Mcnamara, Janet Mobbs, Elizabeth Hayden, Sarah Doyle, Joseph Riches, Jess Lennox, Patrick Wilkinson, Sarah Harper, George Norman, Anthony Hagger, Chloë Anderson, Sean Macgregor, Ian Ingram, Michael Muir, George Downs, Irene Barnes

Pat Byrne

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: I am standing to help bring more democratic participation in Momentum. As an active Labour Party member and broad left activist since the 1970s, I supported Momentum from the outset and applaud its positive role in moving Labour to the Left. But if we are to democratise the Party we must be a model of democracy ourselves. Not the mouthpiece of a few individuals or one left faction, but a representative body of Labour left supporters.
To that end, I support: direct elections for our NEC candidates and for Momentum’s national officer positions rather than just for the lesser-known NCG members. For the introduction of online forums for members to express their views about Party policy and the direction of Momentum. For a stronger National Members Council to receive member’s appeals and oversee the conduct of internal elections and membership consultations – as a jury-style, randomly selected body it is more likely to ensure the fair implementation of the rules, the wording of consultation questions etc. And for a bigger role for our local groups in the national organisation including the right to support their own local parliamentary candidates.
Member of Labour International and

Nominated by: Adam Mcnamara, Steve Hudson, Rhys Campbell, Joe Bilsborough, Timothy Syme, David Von Geyer, Benjamin Eckford, David Quinn, Colin O Driscoll, Ian Hollingworth, Jonathan Clyne, Susan Ram, Les Adams, Andrew Warburton, Kate Laycock-schneider, Bryan Beckingham, Martin Hopkinson, Jae Robinson, Peter Kennedy, Bruce Whitehead

Elizabeth Hayden

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: Over the past year, Momentum has grown rapidly, and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved with the mass mobilisation of our members. Our powerful campaigns for CWU postal workers and McDonald’s workers have strengthened our links with trade union members, building solidarity and creating an outward-facing organisation that works alongside the rest of the labour movement. I’m seeking re-election to the NCG to build on our successes.

I’m currently standing as a Labour council candidate and aim to be a strong socialist voice if elected. I've campaigned for the Labour Party across the country, and I’ve helped set up the Liverpool Momentum group which was key to organising in marginals during the general election.

If re-elected, I aim to encourage and support local activism, supporting as many members as possible to get involved – not just those who have an active local group. As a trade unionist, I realise the importance of the link between trade unions and the Labour Party and, if re-elected, strengthening that link will be another key priority of mine.

I’ll work for a strong, united labour movement. I hope you’ll re-elect me and also support Navendu Mishra, John Taylor and Aneesa Akbar.

Nominated by: Janet Mobbs, Adam Mcnamara, Navendu Mishra, John Taylor, Tim Hayden, Rob Vernon, George Downs, Sarah Doyle, Sean Macgregor, Ciarán Doolin, Tomas Logan, Sam Gorst, Luke Farley, Faisal Yousif, Carl Conway, John Ferguson, Michael Hayden, Elizabeth Warnock, Ryan Quick, Sam Wheeler

Alex Scott-Samuel

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: I want to express the collective democratic voice of Momentum and help make us a more effective grassroots movement. I will work with every NCG comrade for Labour Party socialism and for the good of Momentum.
I’m Chair of the Socialist Health Association and I proposed the compasite motion to renationalise the NHS at 2017 conference. I’m a medical doctor and an active member of Momentum NHS. I’ve been a Labour member for 40 years – I’m vice chair of Liverpool Wavertree CLP. I'm in the BMA and Doctors in Unite. I'm also in CLPD.
I'm an adviser to Labour's shadow health team. In the 1980s I was on the NEC social policy committee and was health adviser to the late Michael Meacher when he was shadow SoS.
I'm a feminist and pacifist as well as a socialist. Keen for Momentum and Labour to take gender seriously. I'm partially sighted – registered blind. I'm active on Twitter - 1300 followers - @buzhna
I'm an assertive and charismatic public speaker – check me out on YouTube. I'm not a member of any factional group. I sing with Liverpool Socialist Singers. I run poetry events at the Bluecoat centre in Liverpool.

Nominated by: Rebecca Smyth, Adam Mcnamara, Val Colvin, Ruth White, Helen Marks, Amanda King, Lisa Rossetti, Helen Dickson, Pete Rossetti, Christopher Hopkins, Julie Skinner, John Thompson, Phil Maxwell, Jade Doswell, Alison Clarke, Karen Woolrich, Lindsay Melia, Nina Houghton, Richard Shield, Sam Gorst

Andrew Berry

Standing for position: South East

Statement: As a Trade Unionist and Labour activist I think it important that we defend the Trade Union Labour Link, The party was founded by the unions and its what makes it the “LABOUR” Party. We are doing so much better than other social democratic parties across Europe because of this Link. If elected I would be encouraging Momentum members to join a union if they are not in one and to get more involved in their trade union. I would be like to see more Momentum supporters involved in their union's political structures. The Labour link also needs democratising with union members genuinely making the decisions about how the TU reps in the Party act.

Breaking the historic Party-union link would, in my view, break the party. Momentum must defend the trade union link wholeheartedly

I am an elected member of UNISON's National Labour Link Committee and have been since 2013. I played a key role in ensuring UNISON nominated Jeremy Corbyn twice.

I would also be Looking to increase democracy and participation in Momentum itself to ensure members get a genuine say.

Nominated by: Inbar Tamari, Dorothy Macedo, Pete Firmin, Ian Ilett, Joan Twelves, Pascale Mitchell, Danielle Tiplady, Yvonne Maxwell, Tracy Doyle, Nick Toms, Osh Gantly, Alexandria Hassett, Liam Cooper, Stephen Carlill, Sam Green, Terry Conway, Norrette Moore, Joseph, Daniel Jeffery, Christopher Bright, Yousaf Hassan

Camila Bassi

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: I am a lecturer in Sheffield a member of UCU and Sheffield Momentum and Sheffield Central CLP.

I am a socialist feminist and have campaigned against racism and antisemitism in wider society and the labour movement. Momentum needs to be inclusive and involve more working class and BME women both locally and nationally.

If elected I would support local groups working together in a democratic and member-led momentum.

I refuse to accept that those expelled from the Labour Party by an unaccountable compliance unit should be excluded from Momentum and I support the right of those members and CLPs currently suspended to have Momentum’s full support.

• Support workers’ and community struggles
• Pro-free movement, open borders, anti-Brexit
• Against all forms of oppression for migrants’ rights, against antisemitism, against anti-Muslim bigotry, for trans rights, for disability rights, against state brutality. A socialist feminist agenda for a Labour women’s movement.
• Radical democracy in Labour – against the purge
• Radical democracy in Momentum
• Accountability
• Argue for socialism – transform Labour
• Defend the union link

Please also support Tracy McGuire and Ed Whitby

Nominated by: David Kirk, Ed Whitby, Daniel Rawnsley, Pete Campbell, Tracy Mcguire, Julie Armstrong, Edd Mustill, Nik Barstow, Luke Neal, Asanga Witana, Alison Brown, Emma Runswick, Steve Barker, Leanne Bell Gonczarow, Benjamin Eckford, Adam Mcnamara, John Bloxam, David Stewart, Andrew Peak, Suzie Cooper

Sahaya James

Standing for position: South East

Statement: Momentum has huge potential to transform Labour and push leftwing ideas into the mainstream. Unfortunately, this potential is not being fulfilled by an organisational leadership that views our role as mere cheerleaders for the Labour leadership, and which has walled itself off from its own grassroots, even going to far as to exclude some socialists from the organisation.

I'm currently the Campaigns Officer at UAL students’ union, and am running as the left’s candidate for NUS President this year. I am active in the National Campaign Against Fees Cuts and have spent years as a grassroots organiser, defending democratic structures and working on the ground with members.

The Tories continue to dismantle the NHS, slash services, cut and marketise education, and scapegoat migrants. Globally, the rise of the far right and climate change threaten our survival. The left must unashamedly argue for socialist ideas and promote democracy and internationalism. Our organisations must be democratic, transparent and member-led.

Elect me and I will fight for Momentum's future to be debated and decided by the local groups and activist base that give Momentum its power and potential.

Please also vote for Michael Chessum, Yannis Gourtsoyannis and Ruth Cashman.

Nominated by: Daniel Randall, Kate Harris, Liam Mcnulty, Stephen Wood, Gemma Short, Ali Crabtree, Daniel Willis, Jamie Green, Thomas Corbett, Ruth Cashman, Michael Chessum, Simon Hannah, Ian Townson, Daniel Jeffery, Antonio Carvallo, David Ball, Craig Parr, Amanda Adlem, Jessica Leschnikoff, Stephen Carlill

Martin Menear

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I joined Labour in 1978. As secretary of one the first CLPs to nominate Jeremy in 2015, I successfully harnessed the enthusiasm created by Jeremy's candidature to turn a moribund CLP into vibrant campaigning branches.

I helped establish Momentum groups across the SW and now all CLPs in Cornwall are run by Momentum supporters. In the GE, Momentum helped achieve a huge increase in Labour’s vote, creating two new marginals. If we convert at the next election, it will be the first time EVER Cornwall will have elected two Labour MPs.

This can be achieved everywhere.

As NCG rep this year, I helped develop the Activist Training Network that has empowered members across the UK. If re-elected, I will ensure the network is ramped up and fully resourced to build capacity across Momentum’s grassroots in community organising, mass political education and standing for office.

I will also ensure Momentum improves and develops as an effective national organisation by:
• improving the democratic processes for the endorsement of candidates
• campaigning for the democratisation of the Party
• developing the digital democracy platform
• improving communication from the centre

Please also vote for Cecile Wright , Natasha Josette and Michael Thawe

Nominated by: Alfie Hillson, Benjamin Davy, Natasha Josette, Claire Nance, S Robinson, Di Coffey, Bridgid Herridge, Barry Milligan, Helyn Morris, Raymond Shemilt, Jan Jackson, Marie Rees, Steve Rees, Matthew Fulton-mcalister, Cecile Wright, Elfrea Lockley, Loretta Kay, Gary Chambers, Marcella Morgan, Andy Chambers

Nabila Ahmed

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I joined the Labour Party to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the second leadership election and since then I have been a full-fledged Labour Party and Momentum activist.

I am a member of Watford CLP and currently I am standing as a councillor candidate in Park Ward. I am also working for the Labour Party in Chipping Barnet for the local elections in May, thus I have a unique insight into how the Labour Party internal structures work.

I want to be a representative for the East on Momentums NCG as I believe Momentum has become too centralised and has lost touch with the grassroots movement. In order for the left and Momentum to survive we cannot become a left-wing version of Progress. With my influence as your Eastern Representative I will make sure that the grassroots voices are heard and are at the core of Momentums strength, with the National Coordinating Group as a supportive structure, so that the left can win, and carry on strong for generations afterwards.

Nominated by: Helen Heenan, Felix Tyszkiewicz, Jane Gilbert, Gerard Wilkinson, Gary Chambers, James Spooner, Fatemeh Moinie, Alex Charlton, Andy Chambers, Zahir Haidari, Konstantinos Hanson-ikonomou, Roy Hayes, Lewis Norton, Kevin Larkin, Shaila Bux, Amin Mawani, Philip Brown, Elizabeth Hames, Terry Deans, Sue Ahrens

Ripon Ray

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I have always been a socialist. I noticed how Jeremy Corbyn has transformed the Labour Party and national politics since he became the leader of this party. I am proud to be part of such a dynamic change.

Meanwhile, the Tory government is making the lives of so many people unbearable. More residents than ever before are using food banks because they can’t afford to pay for food and councils throughout the country are using bailiffs to recover council tax from those who are deemed too poor to pay. Is council tax the new Poll Tax?

I have been campaigning in my borough, Hackney, on this issue as a Momentum activist and trade unionist. In the process, I have successfully built bridges with local trade unions, LGBT and ethnic minority communities because I am a believer in grass root action and empowerment of communities.

I hope you can support me to organise more campaigns throughout London and beyond.

Please read my blog on debt and money:

Nominated by: Hilary Wainwright, Nick De Marco, Rashida Islam, Tonia Ilia, Amy Hills-fletcher, Alana Harkin, Alena Ivanova, Dean Sharpe, P Miah, Adam Marley, Apsana Begum, Salina Manir, Craig Parr, Florence Pinaud, Mike Barnshaw, Katherine Mcginn, Neil Channing, Amin Mawani, Susan Parry, Alexandria Hassett

Paul Knaggs

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: Democracy is a fragile institute, and provides the means to give people a genuine voice.

Through Momentum we can harness this voice and empower their thirst for social justice and equality. Socialism provides the means for us to make real and meaningful changes that matter to the people.

Together we can bring much needed change to a system for local people who have been long denied a political voice and participation.

Through organised meetings, campaigns and social media we’ve shown how we can oppose the cruel policies of a political elite who have now lost all legitimacy and hold them to account for the political decisions they make in our name.
Only then can we steer Britain in the right political direction.

My goal would be to help organise groups new and old, building their membership and campaigning for democratic socialist values for the benefit of all.

I aim to establish a momentum page for members to counter false information and harness our collective knowledge to create a more honest and informed politics for the 21st century. Politics begins with the people, the first duty of Parliament is to act upon this voice if we’re to bring about genuine democracy.

Nominated by: Gary Chambers, Callum Salfield, Mark Cleary, Ben Timberley, Kathleen Timberley, Barbara Wilde, Marshal Anderson, Steve Jackson, Helen Cheetham, Andrew King, Gareth, Jacqueline Robinson, Paul Hardy, Joanne Hughes, Elizabeth Hames, Paul Hutchens, Terry Deans, Keith Moore, Jill Narin, Katy Samuels

Leigh Drennan

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I am a member of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council in East Greater Manchester. I took my seat off the Tories in 2012 and held it in 2016, when everyone else has written it off. I’ve been in the Labour Party since I was 17 and always been on the left.

I have been an active Labour Party member from the beginning. During Jeremy Corbyn’s first leadership campaign I was a regional organiser. I was a founding member of Tameside Momentum. I have worked on 5 parliamentary selections and some of which are now on Labours front bench. I am a Industrial Organiser for UNISON and an activist in my union, Unite.

Whilest on the NCG, last year I helped establish momentum’s training programme for candidates to be selected and elected as councillors. The candidates training programme also helps members understand the complex Labour Party rules. If re-elected I will fight to get more momentum members selected as councillors and MPs. I will continue to be fair and list to the voice of local members when it comes to who Momentum are selecting for parliamentary selections. I will support the development of momentum Councillors network.

Emina Ibrahim

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I am currently a Councillor in the London Borough of Haringey and have been reselected to stand in the May 2018 elections. For the last year I have served as a member of the NCG and have seen our organisation go from strength to strength. I am a strong voice for the Labour left in Local Government and do not shy away from speaking up on behalf of Councillors who have spent the last 8 years fighting austerity on the ground. One of the biggest challenges we have faced in Local Government is the years of political triangulation that has seen councils fail to deliver an effective counter narrative to Tory cuts. I chaired the Housing and Regeneration Scrutiny Panel in Haringey which produced two in depth reports on risks of the HDV. The fight back against the managerialist and privatisation culture in Local Government may have started in North London but I want to work with groups to encourage more people to put themselves forward through often daunting local selection processes. We can only deliver municipal socialism by working together and if good people stand in local elections.

Joanna Burns

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I'm a single mum of two, working in the NHS as a medical secretary getting paid below the 'real' living wage. Like so many other people I immediately joined the Labour party and Momentum as soon as Jeremy Corbyn became leader back in 2015. I then helped to start up the Maidstone Momentum group and have been campaigning & organising ever since. In true blue Maidstone getting people involved in our grassroots movement is no mean feat, but there is nothing I like more than when a new person turns up to one of our meetings or comes out doorknocking. It's also been a real learning curve helping within our CLP and through time we have worked hard to gain a good relationship between Momentum and the 'old guard' local party members. I would like to play my part in helping Momentum democratise the Labour party to become a true grassroots socialist movement. I would also like to see more Labour party resources used on CLPs within the Tory heartlands of the South East in order that we can fight an offensive campaign and turn the whole area red!

Nominated by: Sarah Jakob, Gemma Halladay, Jessica Leschnikoff, Idowu Anthony-ajileye, Matthew Tidmarsh, Barbara Pezzini, Barbara Neill, Richard Neill, Dan Wilkinson, Scott, Margaret Leeds, Malcolm Mckay, Julia Jenner, Tanya Utton, David Carr, Lia Mandaracas, Antonio Carvallo, Tricia Mclaughlin, Amanda Adlem, Tracey Conelly

Joseph Ejiofor

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I am seeking re-election to Momentum’s National Co-ordinating Group because I believe that it is important for Labour’s voice in local government to be heard across the party. I’ve been a Labour Party member for over 25 years, and a Labour Councillor for 17 of them. I’m currently the Deputy Leader of Haringey Council, and I am acutely aware of the disconnect between the wider party membership, and our Councillors.

In the past year, I have spoken at Local Government and BAME events on behalf of momentum, and worked on the finance sub-committee and local government committee.

Whatever expectations that Labour has for national government, we need to work hand in hand with Labour representatives in lower tiers of government to turn that vision into a reality. In Haringey, we worked in partnership with the party, to develop a manifesto inspired by Corbyn’s 2017 Labour GE manifesto, seeking to embed these principles at a local level.

The next step, is to change the mindset of local government and ensure more ordinary party members are selected as candidates, and to ensure that the ideas and best practices of Left Labour councils nationwide are made available for other local council’s to follow.

Theresa Byrne

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I am standing for NCG because I want to ensure that members’ voices, and skills are heard and fully utilised in the Party and Momentum.

I have 30 years+ experience in the party and was delighted with the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader in 2015. I organised and spoke alongside him when we had the largest Leadership meeting in Ealing 2015. A member of Momentum from beginning.

As one of few left councillors in the London Borough of Ealing I chaired Council panels on Health and Arts policy over the recent years.

I have experience at various levels in the party including chair of my local Constituency and union branch. I am involved in the current historic UCU strike.

My Irish heritage allows me to identify with the experience of people of BAME background.

I have written a guide to the party for the use of members which has been circulated nationally. It is encouraging members to know their party, to get their voices heard locally, to change the party and society.

I want to be elected to NCG to use my skills and commitment, sharing knowledge and encourage members to enhance Momentum, broadening democracy, campaigning and our party.

Nominated by: Patrick Cogan, Rheian Davies, Dev Raval, Eleanor Blane, Neil Channing, Jean Pooley, Edward Coleman, Mike Barnshaw, David Edwards, Christine Hurley, Helen Hardy, Julie O'donnell, Amanda Kent, Katherine Mcginn, Joanna Burns, Catherine Morrissey, Kathy Hawes, Amin Mawani, Tim Hall, Ripon Ray

Lisa Rossetti

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: I want to support Momentum as the national movement that will help elect a Labour government and bring about positive social change. Like many members, I was pretty new to politics, and joined the Labour Party a few hours after Jeremy Corbyn was elected in 2015. I am now a branch secretary, a member of the Local Campaign Forum, and co-founder of our CLP’s Membership Engagement team.
I see Momentum acting as a “funnel” to enable thousands more ordinary people like me to become actively involved in the “Corbyn project”. I convened Momentum Cheshire West and Chester with my husband in January 2016 and have been a key contact for the group ever since, working on regional campaigns, and on projects with the national team; I am also part of the Momentum Trainers team.
I believe we need to focus on building collaborative bridges within our Party, take the Labour message of Hope into our communities, and continue to improve engagement, communications and consultation with Momentum members.
It would be an honour to be elected to the NCG. I promise to give the role my absolute best for all of us.

Nominated by: Kate Cannon, Kay Dickinson, Ryan Briwnant-evans, Franck Schmidlin, Emily Jones, Mike Eakins, Ian Fletcher, Jeanette Fletcher, Michael Garvey, David Stearne, Nicky Drury, Pete Rossetti, Alison Salmon, Sam Gorst, Charlotte Peters Rock, Adam Mcnamara, Elaine Beck, Stretch, Stephen Kelly, Mike Ironside


Standing for position: South East

Statement: Dear Comrades,
I am socialist and will do all I can to support the labour a leadership to develop policies to achieve that goal. To do this we need a leadership prepared to stand up to the inevitable attack by the establishment to undermine this.

I have been involved in the anti-austerity rallies, the anti-war movement and am a member of Unite the trade union. I have demonstrated against the elements in our own party who have attempted to undermine Jeremy and his progressive policies.
I was very much involved in the socialist movements back home in Kerala, the South Indian State. I am a member of the Momentum Steering Group and helping to build locally. I have been selected in Eastham as a candidate for local council election. I have taken part in the Momentum meetings in Liverpool and Brighton Labour party conferences and have campaigned for the Momentum backed LPP candidates in the marginal seats in the last general election in 2017.
I look forward to work with momentum comrades to build a mass socialist Labour party. Please support Jon Lansman and other two you prefer.

Nominated by: Mehmood Mirza, Tahir Mirza, Obaid Khan, Ashikur Rahman, Roy Wenborne, Tina Jess, Mushtaq Hussain, Dean Armond, Andy Perkins, Yousaf Hassan, John Gray, Carel Buxton, Mohammed Nadim Miah, Zulfiqar Butt, Muhammad Javed, Jeanette Dye, Moniba Khan, Syed Naqvi, Junaid Ali, Anas Khan

Yannis Gourtsoyannis

Standing for position: South East

Statement: ABOUT ME--- Full-time doctor proud to be working in our NHS ---EXPERIENCE--- Current NCG member, NHS activist and as a trade unionist in a national position I was one of the leaders of the junior doctors’ industrial action. I’m adept at linking up NHS campaigns, trade unions and the Labour Party ---PHILOSOPHY--- Momentum must ensure that genuine socialist principles are at the fore of Labour politics; from tightening-up our NHS policies to defending migrant rights and building the mass-movement. In Momentum we must personify the change we want to see; our own democratic practice must be beyond reproach. We are THE force to be reckoned with in British politics. ---METHOD--- Were I to be re-elected to the NCG I would push for a deepening of Momentum’s role within Labour. I want to be in a Momentum which is an organic element of the Party yet open to partnership with the wider Left. Local groups must be fully resourced and supported by the NCG. I want to be part of a Momentum that brings Corbyn into power on a landslide, with a mandate for a comprehensive shake-up of the British state. ---ALSO VOTE--- Sahaya James, Michael Chessum and Ruth Cashman.

Nominated by: Stephen Wood, Simon Hannah, Liam Mcnulty, Pascale Mitchell, Christopher Bright, Matteo Pizzo, Patricia Pino, Nicholas Csergo, Archie Woodrow, Raquel Nunes Palmeira, Kieran Miles, Ian Townson, Alena Ivanova, Jamie Green, Jaskiran Chohan, Lee Bradley, Dan Langley, Daniel Randall, Kate Harris, Joan Twelves

michael thawe

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I joined the Labour Party in 2015 after being inspired by the socialist values of Jeremy Corbyn and his vision to transform Britain to make sure no one and no community is left behind.

My job as a Community Development Worker on a deprived estate in Birmingham has seen me witness the worst of Tory austerity and how it has impacted on the most vulnerable in our society. It is this that gives me the drive to want a better deal for working class people.

As a member of Momentum in Birmingham, I and other comrades have been successfully in the ongoing fight for party democracy, challenging undemocratic freeze dates and irregularities in our local council selection process. I am not afraid to stand up for what is right.

If elected to the NCG, I believe I can offer an authentic voice to ensure Momentum operates in the interests of its members and that the national organisation has a better connection to local groups. I also hope to inspire more BAME people to get involved in Momentum and will make that one of my key priorities.

Please also vote for comrades Cecile Wright, Natasha Josette and Martin Menear.

Nominated by: Majid Mahmoood, Martin Menear, Natasha Josette, Nicky Brennan, Tom Deery, Jae Robinson, Andrew Scattergood, Georgia Argent, Cecile Wright, Susan Shand, Lou Robson, Jean Simpson, Zoe Salanitro, Rachel Clarke, Marie Rees, Steve Rees, Jo Hill, Loretta Kay, Joe Green, Kavan Hawker, Carol Wade

Michael Chessum

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I’m a proud socialist, and have been active in the labour movement and wider social movements for a decade. From sitting on Momentum’s first Steering Committee, to running Another Europe is Possible, to grassroots mobilisation in the anti-austerity and student movements, I have a record of being principled and working hard on the ground. I’m secretary of my local ward, a member of Young Labour national committee, and of Unite.

I’m running on a platform of:

Building a transformative Labour Party rooted in communities with socialist policies, in which MPs are accountable to members and policy is created democratically.

Defending migrants and fighting racism. Migrants aren’t to blame for low pay – bosses are. Momentum can play a pivotal role in changing the debate on immigration and Brexit, defending and extending free movement.

Building solidarity with workers and grassroots campaigns. Momentum should proactively support industrial disputes and social struggles, pushing against all anti-union laws and defending the union link.

Pluralism and internal democracy. We need to be able to think for ourselves and push our leaders, as well as deliver leaflets for them. Momentum must be independent and democratic.

Please also vote for Ruth Cashman, Yannis Gourtsoyannis and Sahaya James.

Nominated by: Stephen Wood, Simon Hannah, James Mcash, Jean Blaylock, Daniel Jeffery, Liam Mcnulty, Anastazja Oppenheim, Nick Toms, Archibald Woodrow, Raquel Nunes Palmeira, Christopher Bright, Kieran Miles, Ian Townson, Alena Ivanova, Jamie Green, Jaskiran Chohan, Lee Bradley, Nathan Rogers, Mattia Indi Gerin, Ruth Cashman

Becky Boumelha

Standing for position: South East

Statement: The daughter of staunch trades unionists, I grew up on marches and picket lines fighting for the principles of socialism and collectivism that have fundamentally shaped my politics.

I joined Labour in 2015 to fight Corbyn’s leadership election, and played a formative role transforming my brilliant local group in Oxford from a phone-banking and canvassing unit into a thriving community campaigning group. I want to use this experience to help develop other Momentum groups.

Since then, I’ve thrown myself into Labour organising, fighting for democracy, accountability and a voice for the membership in both Labour Students and BAME Labour. I have led within Momentum nationally on the Democracy Review, fighting for representatives and policy-making powers that can be influenced by every single BAME Party member.

This is the work that I want to continue if elected to Momentum’s NCG. Labour’s mass membership has set an agenda under Corbyn that resonates with a public sick of Tory cuts to decimated services. However, to see a Labour Party in government, we must ensure that Party structures empower the full participation of our membership and amplify our voices to shape its direction.

Please also consider supporting Apsana Begum, Dorinda Duncan and Jon Lansman.

Nominated by: Jon Lansman, Sarah Cundy, Charlie Mower, Dorinda Duncan, Apsana Begum, Adam Klug, Emma Rees, Ian Foster, Adrie Van Der Meer, Fiona Edwards, P Miah, Dan Iley-williamson, Richard Von Abendorff, Barry Gray, Gavin Everall, Fran Hanlon, Salina Manir, Lisa Fricker, Faduma Hassan, Faisa Hassan

Jae Robinson

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: Fairness. Equality. Communities.Together.

“Momentum provides a unique opportunity under Jeremy Corbyn, to invigorate the Labour Party. Placing grassroots membership at the partys' core having a genuine role in OUR party.…

Momentum is a springboard for grassroots, inclusive and exciting Labour Party ready for Government. 

A left wing working-class (council estate) disabled woman, a Unionist and proud to be chair of Unite Community Birmingham branch, I’ve fought for decades re Equalities ; remembering being a child vilified for looking Irish (IRA),my campaigning for justice knows no barriers from Rocking against Racism, anti violence, anti austerity and combating the rise in hate crime due to accusatory vilification of minorities by unfeeling Tories. Let’s

– Put aside squabbles

– Promote equalities, fairness and justice in all areas of party activities.

– Develop grass roots campaigning to attract new Labour party voters, 40% population don’t vote.

– Collaborate with CLPs, Unions and Public Services e.g. NHS, fire, education

– Move away from staid “board room” politics, to one that listens and hears people.

– Promote socio-political education recognising diversity and barriers to voting.

– Speaking up for the person in the corner, forgotten, feeling voiceless.

Not forgetting I’ll be speaking up for YOU. “

Nominated by: Caroline Tipler, Clare N Ayton-edwards, Angela Free, Darrall Cozens, Claire Balmer, Chris York, Adam Charczun, Maria Carroll, Tasib Mughal, Andy Thompson, Callum Salfield, Paul Knaggs, Michael Davies, Elizabeth Hames, Emyr Rees, Terry Deans, Ben Timberley, Ian Quance, Jason Phillips, Jill Narins N

Ruth Cashman

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I am a socialist and the joint branch secretary of Lambeth UNISON.

As an activist in Lambeth UNISON I helped lead the campaign in 2016 to save Lambeth libraries from closure. I saw the value in building a broad alliance of people in Labour, trade unionists and community campaigners to fight cuts and I would like to see Momentum take more of a lead in building campaigns and supporting social struggles.

Democratising Momentum is a key issue for me. I think it is too top down and too many decisions are made unaccountably with no or little input from members. This has to change - if we want to democratise Labour we have to lead by example.

I support open borders and think one of Momentum priorities should be defending migrants and tackling racism. The Labour left should not shy away from confronting reactionary views for fear of unpopularity.

I think the trade unions connection to the Labour Party is very important. We should be looking to use the energy and enthusiasm of the Corbyn surge to transform and demoratise the whole labour movement.

Please also vote for Michael Chessum, Yannis Gourtsoyannis and Sahaya James.

Nominated by: Alex Fernandes, Stephen Wood, Simon Hannah, Daniel Jeffery, Liam Mcnulty, Andrew Berry, Daniel Randall, Nick Toms, Ben Wiedel-kaufmann, Rm Osborn, Archibald Woodrow, Raquel Nunes Palmeira, Christopher Bright, Kieran Miles, Ian Townson, Jamie Green, Jaskiran Chohan, Lee Bradley, Kate Harris, Gemma Short

Dorinda Duncan

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I’m a life-long socialist and have been enthused by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. I believe we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do things differently and Momentum is the catalyst to achieve that.

I’m the Chair of Momentum Greenwich and a facilitator of Momentum’s Members Council. I’m also a Labour Party delegate, Women’s Forum Secretary, and am active within Unite Community and my local Trades Council.

On the NCG, I’d work to:

• Expand Momentum’s ‘persuasive conversations training’ – which I’ve helped to deliver – to include political training and inspire the next generation.
• Develop a community programme, getting out on the streets tackling issues that impact the most vulnerable in our society.
• Build on the Unseat campaign.
• Address issues around support for local groups, including higher transparency and better communication.

I would use over forty years of the management skills I’ve gained from my career, as well as experience as a Labour Party and Momentum activist, to reinvigorate the NCG. Momentum has achieved so much, but areas of our organisation require further attention, and I would work to help make that change happen.

Please also consider supporting Apsana Begum, Becky Boumelha and Jon Lansman

Nominated by: Barry Slapp, Jamie Bannister, Alexandria Hassett, Danny Gazzi, Anastasia Palikeras, David Stanley, Jan Skinner, Lubna Speitan, Susan Phasey, Izzet Hickmet, Apsana Begum, Jon Lansman, Pascale Mitchell, Richard Fort, Don Flynn, Kate Heath, Adam Klug, Emma Rees, Matthew Stiles, Becky Boumelha

Gavin Lee Johnston

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: I started on a one man mission to get Labour back into alignment with our core values.
During the 2015 leadership race I volunteered on Jeremy’s campaign in Newcastle’s Irish Center. The comrades I met across that time where the start of something big. By Jeremy’s second leadership race I stepped up and was described by comrades as the “lynchpin holding it all together”.
It’s been proven that I won’t sell out or be compromised and my motivation in politics comes from 14 little brothers and sisters who I’m determined to make a better world for. That extends to my neighbors and everyone else we share life with too. The next generation will not struggle like many of us have because of the work that we are doing now.
I’ll represent The North, Scotland and International which is perfect. I have lived in Copeland, Penrith, Carlisle, Durham, Newcastle and Middleborough and as such have built a good network keeping me accountable to you all. I love to travel around and provide support however I can and my phone will always be on!
I understand the need for more digital democracy to help our international members be part of our movement.

Nominated by: Benjamin Luke Crelling, Benjamin Eckford, C Richardson, Eleanor Constance (connie) Jensen, Adam Mcnamara, Lisa Johnson, Dave Knaggs, Jane Byrne, Rob Smart, Vicki Gilbert, Keith El-rawy Hussein, Richard Purvis, Ted Bains, Junebains, Jemeela Sayyadi, Duncan Pringle, Steve Hansom, Joanne Liddle, Ann Cuthbert, Kate Random Love

Amanda Fisher

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: As a District Councillor since 2011, I campaigned in elections for MPs, Mayoral, Councillors and PCCs.
I have just been elected as Mansfield CLP's Women's officer and I have brought a team of women together to work on encouraging more women members to the Labour Party. I am currently working with our CLP's disability officer to use my skills and knowledge of disability and its effects on people's lives.
In my role as Councillor I sit on 2 select committee's where I have been involved in call in of delegated decisions.
I've submitted motions to council, one of which brought about change to all Mansfield District Council's leisure facilities, making them accessible for all in the future. I enjoy meeting and working with residents in community, project such as litter picks and developing a new rugby pitch for all residents in my ward to enjoy.

I have used my time in the council chamber to hold the independent Mayor and her cabinet to account on a number of issues.
I campaigned to stop the closure of Meden sports centre in Warsop.
I am hard working and enjoy a new challenge. I believe I have the skills that the National Coordinating group are looking for.

Apsana Begum

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I re-joined the Labour Party after Jeremy Corbyn became leader and, since then, I’ve been working as a key organiser at Tower Hamlets Momentum, and have been elected as Secretary for my CLP. 

Tackling inequality is what I do every day in my work. I grew up in one of the poorest yet most diverse areas of London and the South East, experiencing and supporting people living in poverty and uninhabitable conditions. All this despite being a stone’s throw away from the City and Canary Wharf. As an NCG member I would ensure that inclusiveness is at the heart of everything we do. 

As a former Outreach Coordinator and organiser of my local Momentum group, I know that members and local groups need to be empowered by a democratic, supportive, diverse, and inclusive national structure. As a NCG member, I would push for more coordination and support amongst the grassroots, as well as a greater level of transparency and communication from the national organisation. 

I really hope I can rely on your support, and that you’ll also consider supporting Becky Boumelha, Jon Lansman and Dorinda Duncan.

Nominated by: Dorinda Duncan, Mohammed Iqbal Morshed Pappu, Salina Manir, Jon Lansman, Ian Foster, Jamie Bannister, Adam Klug, Susan Phasey, Emma Rees, Becky Boumelha, Puru Miah, Alena Ivanova, Paula Bodington, Adrie Van Der Meer, Steven Carver, Gavin Everall, Tarik Khan, Fiona Edwards, Beth Granter, Barry Gray

Pascale Mitchell

Standing for position: South East

Statement: ‘‘When Communities Need, Members Lead’’

My name is Pascale Mitchell I have been in the Labour Party since 2010. I have been on
Momentum Southwark’s Steering Committee, since January 2016. Recently, I have become the
Branch Secretary in my local Labour Party, Bermondsey and Old Southwark.
Campaigning regularly across the country I see the countries needs and how vitally important it
is to get the message of New Politics out to the people of our country.
Grassroots Politics is my passion. Being a voice for the communities around me.
I am a working class mother I want to see a diverse members led Momentum.
I self identify as disabled and I have two disabled children. Recently, I have been sitting on a
Children’s Hearing support working group where I have been championing parents rights. We are
currently working on a campaign to make sure that disabled children get provision they need
locally, in Southwark. My daughter has learning differences and I recently went to tribunal with
the Local Authority representing myself and won the case.
As your NCG representative, I will commit as much passion to making sure Momentum makes a
change to politics and our communities with members leading.
Please nominate me to represent you democratically and transparently allowing full member
Please support me as I begin my campaign to become the Momentum South East Region
Representative on Momentums National Co-ordinating Group.
Please join my Facebook Page to keep updated on the Campaign Pascale Mitchell for
Momentum NCG

Nominated by: Barry Slapp, Mohammed Nadim Miah, Samuel Foster, Anna Parker, Sara Green, Sara Callaway, Simon Thorpe, Eleanor Baker, Danielle Tiplady, Tina Jess, Debs Miles, Jenny Almeida, Lisa Fricker, Andy De Emmony, Rosalind Austin, Karen Johnson, Kathy Archbold, Jill Jerram, Matt Miles, Yannis Gourtsoyannis

Natasha Josette

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: In 2016, I co-founded Momentum Kids and became a core group organiser for The World Transformed festival; coordinating and integrating the artists and artwork into the overall programming.

I felt that, in Momentum, I finally had an opportunity to be a part of a campaigning, activist space that truly considered the challenges of families, single parents and children. A space where we could reach out to as many people as possible, regardless of their level of political education – where we could use art, culture, and music to visualise the new politics of a Corbyn-led Labour Party.

If elected to the NCG, I will promote and develop effective methods to support grassroots political engagement, ensuring open and transparent communication between members and the national organisation, and building on pathways to democratising our party.

Grassroots political engagement and education is particularly important to me, as is providing a space for our young people to engage and learn about politics and democracy. I will make all of this a key priority on the NCG, and I really hope I can count on your support to deliver on that.

Please also consider supporting Cecile Wright, Martin Menear and Michael Thawe.

Nominated by: Claire Nance, Eva Goddard, Jagdish Patel, Rosalinde Scott-hodgetts, Sasha Evans, Cecile Wright, Wanda Lozinska, Martin Menear, Marie Rees, Steve Rees, Jamie Robins, Matthew Fulton-mcalister, David Briggs, Loretta Kay, Mary Griffiths-clarke, Skeena Rathor, Andy Chambers, Emily Owen, Max Tasker, Tasib Mughal

Matthew Tidmarsh

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I am a single parent of two young children which means I am on benefits, I am one of the many people struggling on the benefits to make ends meet in order to feed and clothe my children, whilst looking for a job that gives you enough pay so I can pay the rent and feed my family. This is not what got me into politics watching the systematic destruction of our communities and public services, the social injustice that is everywhere at ever level some you see, some you don't, some are lies designed to keep you blind, whist they tell you everything will be fine, whist we throw ourselves of that cliffe and leave everything behind!! Well it's not fine it's time to take a stand and say no more we want social justice
No more social cleansing and social engineering in the name of capitalism and austerity it's time for a socialist Labour party.
I am extremely passionate and committed I am someone who genuinely cares about our people the vulnerable, poor and working poor.
I helped in the save our sure start centres campaign & Kingswear Gardens Estate campaign that I'm running. Vote 4 me

Nominated by: Joanna Burns, Julia Jenner, Barbara Neill, Tony Scudder, Richard Bridge, Mathew Dale, Jason Hall, Paul Reynolds, Lia Mandaracas, Bill Mayo-bedford, Daniel Wilkinson, Jessica Leschnikoff, Tricia Mclaughlin, Craig Parr, Amanda Adlem, Barbara Pezzini, Scott Howie, Gemma Halladay, Ravinder Jassal, James Crow

Cecile Wright

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I’ve been a Labour member for over 30 years and involved with Momentum from the outset. I have a wide breadth of experience: as Chair of my local branch, Vice Chair and BAME officer of my CLP, Women’s Officer of my Local Campaign Forum, and I’ve established a local Momentum group.
Over the past year on the NCG, I’ve served as Vice Chair, helped organise and co-ordinate grassroots activities: both for the BAME Labour submissions to the ongoing Democracy Review, as well as the Activist Training Network across the UK. Empowering grassroots activists must be at the heart of Labour’s campaign for government. If re-elected, I will ensure that the network is enhanced and appropriately resourced to build and increase capacity for political education, grassroots community organisation and to support those wishing to stand for office.
I want to see Momentum develop further as a national organisation by strengthening links with local groups, improving communications and accountability, enhancing the digital democracy platform and continuing the fight to democratise our party.
Please also vote for Martin Menear, Michael Thawe and Natasha Josette.

Nominated by: Martin Menear, Liz Dane, Steve Battlemuch, Natasha Josette, Claire Nance, Umaar Kazmi, Luqman Khan, Andrea, Janice Platt, Lakhvinder Singh, Sophia Brown, Ankunda Joel Matsiko, Ben Timberley, Peter Gates, Phillip Murphy, Karen Springer, Louise Regan, Ivan Wels, Marie Rees, Tasib Mughal

Sara Callaway

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I’m a working class, independent candidate, active in Momentum since it started: in Camden, Women’s (London) and elected to National Committee (2016). I joined Labour to support the new leadership; actively phone-banked, and canvassed in every election. I’m BAME officer for Hampstead & Kilburn CLP, living in South Kilburn, a diverse low-income neighbourhood.

- Co-wrote “Why People of Colour should Support the Corbyn/McDonnell Movement” (2015)
- As Conference Delegate, highlighted contribution of immigrants, refugees and people of colour; opposed every form of apartheid; called for every sector facing discrimination to have a voice.
- Oppose false allegations of anti-semitism, especially against pro-Palestinian Jewish members.
- Drafted/organised collective BAME Women's statement for Democracy Review.
- Active in anti-racist, anti-deportation, women’s movements for 35 years.
- Women of Colour Global Women Strike member.
- Key issues: Anti-austerity; end detention/destitution of asylum seekers; pay discrimination; deaths in custody.
- Committed to all liberation/equalities, including people with disabilities, older, younger and LGBTQ.

I want Momentum to be rooted in communities; to get Corbyn elected PM; demto democratise Labour from the grassroots up; for those usually ignored to be counted.

My Website: Link

Nominated by: Michael Coleman, Cristel Amiss, Ariane Sacco, Claire Glasman, Pascale Mitchell, Joseph Black, Marie Lynam, Nick Rogers, Lisa Longstaff, Bridget Dunne, Tom Muirhead, Claude Boucher, Laura Watson, Sarah Wise, Emma Fajgenbaum, Amy Hills-fletcher, Andrew Berry, Conchita Varicak, Shoda Rackal, Owen Holland

jordan brown

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: Since July 2016, I have been incredibly active in Momentum. I re-joined the party following the leadership election of Jeremy Corbyn, having been motivated by a shared passion for change and a desire to give back to my local community in Barnsley.
In 2016, I became my local group's Vice Chair, quickly progressing to the role of Chair.
I have stood strong against a commanding centrist local party and worked tirelessly to create unity and build strength within the group.
I have actively demonstrated my commitment to Momentum. I worked relentlessly during Jeremy’s second leadership campaign, organising the largest political event in Barnsley for over a decade with the rally. I organised and mobilised our local membership during the General Election to countless marginal seats and worked with all parts of the party to help deliver success. Alongside this, I have helped various other groups to set up, in addition to holding training sessions at The World Transformed in Brighton.
As a member of Momentum’s National Coordinating Group I will work hard to unite local groups, helping Momentum to continue its growth as a platform for change in local Labour Party politics

Nominated by: Nicola Burton, Leigh Bacon, Stephen Bacon, Leigh Bacon, Wayne Gilmore, Nicola Farrar, Wendy Cooksey, Sophie Wilson, Judith Reynolds, Natalie Faulkner, Steven Stansberry, Philip Newing, Bev Worrall, Paul Hicks, Pete Rossetti, Adam Mcnamara, Sharon Taylor, Margaret Passman, Maria Roberts, Lisa Rossetti

Liz Smith

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: Hello All. I am a 66 year old retired deputy head teacher who has been active politically since I was thirteen. My dad was the Labour candidate who stood against Lord Lambton in the 1964 election. I was born and grew up in a Northumberland pit village and continue to struggle with the painful memories of the miners strike.
My passion and belief is focused upon achieving a transformative Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn. Millions of people in this country are suffering terribly from the cruel effects of austerity.
My teaching life was devoted to children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I saw at first hand the effects of poverty and deprivation within a system starved of resources and they will now have removed the one guaranteed hot meal of the day. Stressed and hungry children are not effective learners.
I joined Momentum in the early days because I was inspired to help put the Labour Party at the heart of every community. We have made a start though much remains to be done.
I was a volunteer at The World Transformed in 2017 and will be repeating that wonderful experience this year. Inspiring.

Nominated by: Vicki Gilbert, Adam Mcnamara, Stephen Fairfax, Vicki Gilbert, Jean Crocker, Jane Byrne, Liam Gregson, Jo Smith Finley, Jane Green, Joan Hewitt, Lara Ellis, Gavin Johnston, Natalie Hogarth, Ian Blackie, Matthew Lacey, Joe Mcmillan, Mike Higgins, Mark Reardon, Gary Smith, Benjamin Eckford

John Taylor

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: It’s been an honour to represent Northern Region over the past year on Momentum’s NCG. I believe it’s imperative that the North East continues to be strongly represented, I’d be grateful to have another opportunity to serve. Momentum has achieved so much in the past year and I’m proud to say that – because of that great work – our membership has surged from 21,000 members back in early 2017, to over 35,000 today.

Over the past year, I’ve attended every NCG meeting, and have proactively contributed both to our successful Momentum Inaugural Conference, as well as the World Transformed event at Labour Party Conference – where all our mobilisation on the conference floor delivered a barnstorming victory for socialist politics. I’ve also helped to deliver inspiring ‘Persuasive Conversations’ training to Momentum groups across the country. Locally, I’ve coordinated phone banks, organised meetings and fundraisers, and developed links with local campaign groups across our area.

If re-elected, I’ll continue to promote our area and ensure we build on what we’ve already achieved, so we can advance Momentum as a social movement capable of transforming our party and country.

Please also consider VOTING for Elizabeth Hayden, Navendu Mishra and
Aneesa Akbar.

Nominated by: Steph Oneill, Mick Hills, Clare Robson, Denise Piper, Maureen Taylor, Lisa Rossetti, Shaun Cooper, Connie Oneill, Alan Pearson, Roseanne Dempster, Mike Gibson, Adam Mcnamara, Laurence Read, Jane Phillips, Navendu Mishra, Pete Rossetti, Sam Gorst, Janet Mobbs, Angela Duerden, Eric Barnes

Navendu Mishra

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: I’m seeking re-election to the NCG after serving on it over the last year: a period that saw monumental change and powerful campaigns run by our organisation.

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together with thousands of rank and file activists. No more was this seen than during the 2017 general election, where Momentum’s support both online and on the ground proved invaluable.

As a long-standing activist with Unite and USDAW, and an industrial organiser with Unison, I understand the need for the trade union link with the Labour Party. If re-elected, I will work to strengthen this relationship. I’ll also push for Momentum to build better relationships with BAME activists and communities, which we’ve often not been good enough at doing in the past.

I also want to see Momentum made accessible to all its members, not just those who live in an area with an active local Momentum group. I believe we can achieve that by having a better outreach strategy and taking a stronger interest in what activists on the ground need assistance with.

I really hope that you'll re-elect me and that you’ll also support Aneesa Akbar, Elizabeth Hayden and John Taylor.

Nominated by: Murtaza Iqbal, Janet Mobbs, Anthony Hay, Dan Smith, James Mason, Elizabeth Hayden, Adam Mcnamara, John Taylor, Pete Rossetti, Tim Hayden, Rob Vernon, George Downs, Sarah Doyle, Luke Farley, Faisal Yousif, John Ferguson, Susan Wood, Alex Stead, Ryan Quick, Alex Ehrlich

Tracy McGuire

Standing for position: North, Scotland and International

Statement: - A Socialist Feminist, mother of two young boys, teaching assistant, labour movement activist, Chair of West Branch, Darlington, secretary of Momentum Darlington and Unison branch steward.

- Previously elected from the North East region onto the Momentum National Committee.

-Believes in a democratic Momentum with a need for a voice for working class women. As a teaching assistant, Momentum needs to be the movement that backs struggles like the Teaching Assistants in Durham and Derbyshire, and those of the McDonald's strikers and Picturehouse cinema strikers.

- As women's rights and reproductive rights are under threat here and abroad, we need a working class women's movement which builds that fight and learns the lessons of Sylvia Pankhurst and women who were central to a class struggle working class movement.

- Support workers’ and community struggles
- Pro-free movement, open borders, anti-Brexit
- Against all forms of oppression
- Radical democracy in Labour – against the purge
- Radical democracy in Momentum
- Accountability
- Argue for socialism – transform Labour
- Defend union link

Please support Camila Bassi and Ed Whitby

Nominated by: Ed Whitby, Pete Campbell, Harry Cross, Asanga Witana, Adam Mcnamara, Daniel Rawnsley, James Doran, Benjamin Eckford, Stephen Fairfax, Lynn Gibson, Bob Blenkinsop, Elizabeth Griffiths, Amy Robson, Alison, Lara Ellis, Emma Runswick, David Kirk, Mike Higgins, Luke Neal, Helen Rutherford-gregory, Daphne Gilbert

Jon Lansman

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I’ve been a leading organiser for Labour democracy and socialist politics since 1979: for mandatory reselection, OMOV elections for Leader, and in Tony Benn’s 1981 deputy leadership campaign.

In 2015, I led the campaign to win Jeremy Corbyn the necessary leadership nominations and – as the campaign’s Director of Operations – the victory that followed. To capture that campaign’s energy, I helped found Momentum, which I’ve since chaired.

I’m proud we’ve together created both a mass party and, in Momentum, the most effective vehicle for socialist transformation Britain has yet seen, an inspiration to socialists everywhere.

We were right to focus on preparing Momentum for its central tasks:

Defending Jeremy from a coup in the 2016
leadership campaign, which I led as Campaign

Spearheading the drive to win conference for
progressive policies and democratisation, and
to win internal elections and selections;

Mobilising our membership for the
unprecedented turnaround of the 2017 general
election and to create the social movement
Jeremy promised.

Now I seek a fresh mandate, to continue the drive for a new politics to replace command and control with modern, open, transparent, pluralist, participative democracy.

Please also consider voting for Apsana Begum, Becky Boumelha and Dorinda Duncan.

Nominated by: Emine Ibrahim, Mike Hedges, Claudia Webbe, Dorinda Duncan, Apsana Begum, Emma Rees, Jamie Bannister, Adam Klug, Susan Phasey, Barry Gray, Becky Boumelha, Sarah Cundy, Charlie Mower, Lara Mcneill, Jeremy Gilbert, Fiona Edwards, P Miah, Seema Chandwani, Elisa Brady, Richard Von Abendorff

Shoab Akhtar

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I am a son of a migrant who came to Britain in the mid 1960’s and worked in the Brick Foundry and Cotton Mills to improve not only his life chance but for his immediate/extended family. I came to Britain when I was 8 years from a village in Kashmir which had no electricity, along with my mother and 3 siblings. I grew up on a Council estate which was known for its reputation for not welcoming new migrants.
I have been actively campaigning for the Labour Party in Oldham since 1992. I joined the Party during Thatcher years and I believe those bleak times are upon us again.
I have represented the Werneth ward for over 17 years. During this period I have held various shadow cabinet/cabinet positions with various responsibilities including Environment, Town Centre and Business, Finance & HR. Currently I'm the Cabinet member for Employment and Skills. I have also held the office of Mayor of Oldham during 2008/09 which resulted in me becoming the youngest Mayor in Oldham's history.
I was also the Deputy Leader of the Oldham Labour Group and the Deputy Leader of the Council for 4 years.
I am a Corbynite and have supported Jeremy since his initial leadership campaign.

Idowu Anthony-Ajileye

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I pitch my tent democratic socialism. I am for a membership led Labour Party. I want to be a part of that special purpose vehicle called Momentum to achieve this within the Labour Party. I am currently the Data Officer for Gravesham Momentum. I am an all through Trade Unionist and currently the Chair of TSSA LU MATS and Operating Managers branch. I have committed my time over the years to serve humanity and to see a Society built on Social Justice and Equality. I am a Human Rights Activist and currently holds three roles for Amnesty International UK namely Country Coordinator, Trainer and School Speaker. I am a Children Champion for UNICEF, Mentor for Kent Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, Mentor for MOSAIC, Independent Critical Incidence Advisor for Kent Police and a member of the Remuneration Panel for Gravesham Borough Council. All these experience l bring to the table to serve and shape Momentum. My core professional skill is Civil Engineering Project Management with almost 20yrs post university degree working experience across several roles and sectors. I am keen to drive the change this country needs at this critical time. I am on twitter @dobmarch8 and my website is Link

Nominated by: Michael Mulheran, Jason Turvey, Ike Onyeadi, Wendy Milburn, Lisa Mulholland, Matthew Tidmarsh, Dennis Nichols, Sam Packer, Steve Nunn, Mollie, Keith Webb, Joe Yusuf, Jessica Leschnikoff, Barbara Pezzini, Dave Chapman, Chris Gardner, Simon Parker, Joanna Burns, Chris Clark, Lucy Robinson, Elizabeth Morag Demelenne

Ian Quance

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I've waited 42 years as a voting adult for someone to represent me, finally Jeremy came along saying all the right things so I got off my backside to support him.
I've gone from someone disaffected by the political process to being chair of my local LP branch, chair of my local Momentum, a delegate to both the GC and EC of my CLP and now, political education officer for the same.
I've supported others in areas where there was no organisation to help them organise. I'm a grassroots Socialist born and raised in a Party I'm only just beginning to recognise again. It may be late in my life that we get this chance and the fight will be as hard as we can imagine, but all those years of experience - unemployed and homeless in Thatcher's Britain, thinking it couldn't get any worse & now watching my kids saddled with debt with little chance of finding their own place to call home, make me angry but resolute. This is the one chance I'll have in my lifetime and I'm not going to let it pass, ever. Vote for me and Terry Deans, we won't let you down.

Nominated by: John Challen, Joe Currey, Terry Deans, Kay Meades, Luke Pilling, Anna Phillips, Dereen Duley, Ben Timberley, Jae Robinson, Edward Duley, Jill Narin, Katy Samuels, David Spencer, Lesley Carty, Tracey Roderick, Nabila Ahmed, Paul Mcnamara, Lisette Granados, Julia Bird, Paul Knaggs

Helen McDonald

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I am a councillor in Southend-on-Sea having been elected in May 2016 and I have been part of Momentum's NCG for the last year. During this time, in addition to NCG participation, I have also been involved in delivering Momentum training sessions and supporting training and development for prospective councillors and candidates.

I am the co-Chair of my local Momentum group and have worked alongside my comrades to support campaigns that address local and national issues as well as supporting Labour candidates in their campaigns. I am an active member of UNISON; I am currently my branch’s Women’s Officer and on the Regional Women’s Committee and I am involved in feminist activism outside of this as well.

I believe that Momentum is making an in valuable contribution in the training and development it offers to members who wish to stand for office and get actively involved in campaigning and I would very much like to continue being a part of that.

Alan McGuckin

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I am a County Councillor on Cumbria County Council and was an official for Unite and a member of United left and member of the party for 40 years.

I supported Corbyn in both the 2015 and 2016 election and was Chair of Cumbria for Corbyn and the founding Chair when we formed Cumbria Momentum.

I believe that Momentum can have a decisive influence in the party in terms of policy, democracy and representation but the removal of the crucial role of local groups from the democratic structures was a mistake.

If elected I would pursue a policy of involvement of our local groups to develop and be integral in decision making, especially when it involves the promotion and selection of local candidates both internal and external.

Mandatory reselection is not anathema to us as elected representatives of Labour at least at Councillor level and should be the norm for every position as a basic democratic demand.

To achieve our need of a Socialist Labour government we must have a Socialist Labour Party and Momentum may well be the vehicle to reach that goal and I would use all my ability and effort to help it fulfil that role.