Candidates and statements

The Momentum National Coordinating Group elections closed on Friday 17 February at 12noon.

Nick Toms

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I am a member of Streatham Labour Party and UNITE
standing to try and help end the current conflict within Momentum.

I have been active in the Labour movement for nearly 40 years as a committed socialist. I was hugely enthused by Jeremy Corbyn's victory in 2015 believing it presented a unique opportunity for the Left unlikely to be repeated. It would be tragic for it to be squandered through internal factional fighting. That is not new politics. It is what the left always does.

Momentum needs to be an outward facing campaigning organisation reaching out into working class communities who feel marginalised, neglected and vulnerable. We need to listen to their issues and to join with them in fighting for socialist policies on jobs, decent schools, housing and the NHS.

I believe it was a serious error to impose a constitution. However, it would be equally wrong for that to be compounded into a damaging split. There needs to be a compromise with rules designed to enable as many as possible to be involved.

Above all, we need to move on and build an effective campaigning movement if we are to have any chance of winning the next election.

Nominated by: Lee Bradley, John Stuttle, James Goodman, Jenny Almeida, Joan Twelves, Tricia Mclaughlin, Mark Rees, Nick Hostettler, Andrew Berry, Philip Inglesant, Nick Rogers, Ian Townson, Jan O'malley, Alison Mcgarry, Liz Davies, Tim Harris, Ted Knight, Pat Mortimer, Chris Ford, Sam Green

Ali Dogan

Standing for position: South East

Statement: Momentum was an idea and an aspiration, we have to refocus on the task at hand and make our society the into one we aspire it to be. As someone who has tried to shy away from the internal debates in Momentum at a national level and focused on getting the work done as a grassroot activist within my local Momentum group, I feel I can bring about a fresh perspective and whilst I don't necessarily agree with the way in which we have come to the constitution and structure we have, in order that we can move forward I would work my hardest within them to improve them so we can turn Momentum into a democratic, grassroots, campaigning, transparent, representative and united organisation we all want it to be, so that we can start the work of reclaiming our society. You can find my Momentum and Labour pledges at Link

Nominated by: Susan Parry, Rafael Hortala-vallve, Al Gonzalez, Omar Baggili, Helen Austerberry, Barbara Roberts, Bryan Kennedy, Tom Cockroft, Stephen Hamer, Asha Pond, Glyn Harries, Jenny Almeida, Tricia Mclaughlin, Angeline Hargreaves, Mark Rees, Amy Hills-fletcher, Lauren Collins, Stephen Tiller, Rashida Islam, Jason Pritchard

Jamie Green

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I am running as an anti-coup candidate and, if elected, I promise to be nothing other than a thorn in the side of the leadership.

I will campaign for a genuinely democratic Momentum that uses a mixture of online and delegate structures for decision making. I will call to the end the imposed constitution which has barely any democracy or OMOV at all.

I will push for Momentum to take bold stances on issues like freedom of movement and Labour’s manifesto, not just passively wave the flag of whatever Jeremy’s office decides.

I promise to be a constant nagging pain to any members of the current leadership elected to the NCG who think they can act like Momentum is their personal mate’s club.

I will call out and publish any undemocratic behaviour on the NCG and will leak any documents or discussions that I think are in the interests of members to know about.

We need to structure Momentum in a way that all members can get behind, not one dictated by a clique who can’t write a proper survey.

Let’s build a Momentum run for and by the many. Fight back and elect me to NCG.


Nominated by: Jennifer Mills, Al Gonzalez, Anastazja Oppenheim, Josh Chown, Omar Raii, Liam Cooper, Joan Twelves, Fran Diamond, James Ellis, Nicole Pollen, Tom Harris, Kate Harris, Lee David Bradley, Tony Greenstein, John Stuttle, Jack Saffery-rowe, Kieran Miles, Jack Sheen, Anita Downs, Michael Chessum

Davey Ivens

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I first joined the Labour Party as a teenager in the early 80’s, to fight against the Thatcher government; I organised Youth CND in my home town of Coventry, chaired my Labour Party Young Socialists branch and took part in anti-racist campaigns in defence of my neighbours. I have experience as a lay trade union negotiator and as shop steward within local government and voluntary sector – I’m currently a member of Unite in Leicester.
I re-joined the Labour Party to support Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader first time round - I’ve been in Momentum since July 2016, supporting my local Leicestershire group to build our network and work together. I agree with One Member One Vote and would work to make the NCG more representative of individual members in local groups and regions, increasing our share of NCG seats.
I think Momentum’s role is to work for a Labour victory in all elections and help members to take an active role in the party; to promote democracy within the party and to help link the party with those fighting austerity, exclusion and injustice - putting Labour at the forefront of the fight for the change we need.

Nominated by: David Towers, Matthew Luke, Maggie Tedd, Gerald Napper, Ann Bywater, Malcolm Tedd, Emma Ward, Stephen Foster, Sam Sharman-dunn, Stuart Leaver, William Harding, Andrea Burford, Rachel Brown, Mark Dale, Chris Burford, Mandy Graham (amanda), Gary O'donnell, Paul Akroyd, Jonathan Buck, Chris Willars

Gary Wareing

Standing for position: North and Scotland

There are deep divisions within Momentum but that is because we are trying to decide the future direction of the movement Momentum represents a compromise of various views and arguments.

We need active local groups if we are going to transform Labour at a local and national level.

We need to know who leads Momentum, what the programme is and how local groups and activists can play a role in influencing it.

Momentum cannot be owned by its founders and must be a member based organisation.

A delegate structure forces Momentum to organise locally, hold meetings and to discuss policy.

Meetings are important, they train activists, educate and allow discussion.

We need to mobilise activists behind an agenda for real change, for clear socialist policies, for open selection meetings and for a genuine transformation of the Labour Party.

I joined the Labour Party to change the world. As a Hull City Councillor I voted against the austerity budgets imposed by the government and argued for more fight from Labour Councillors against cuts and not doing the Tories work for them.

I am a member of the Train Drivers Union ASLEF and active in the Peoples Assembly and local NHS campaigns.

Nominated by: Suzanne Gannon, Edgar Holroyd-doveton, David Harding, Patrick Wilkinson, Anthony Hagger, Susan Hagger, Gary Hammond, Alan Runswick, Josie Runswick, Jim Ring, Michael Hogan, John Maher, Sheila Steer, Andrew Warnock-smith, Jodie Scott, Adam Mcnamara, Angela Kehoe-jones, Ed Whitby, Patrick Ogorman, Kas Witana

Ian Pope

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: My name is Ian Pope and I have been an activist in the Labour Movement for over 30 years, both in the Labour Party and trades unions. I am a member of the Rochford and Southend East CLP.

The emergence of Momentum has been the most exciting experience in my time as a Labour Left activist. I've witnessed in my CLP, that Momentum has led to a new confidence amongst existing activists and new members to Labour enthused by the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Many CLPs in the East were allowed to become moribund and dominated by Right-Wingers. Momentum has been the force that allows a challenge to their dominance and propose a socialist political alternative. We now have the chance to take over these CLPs, both reinvigorating Labour and mounting a credible challenge to the Tories

I am willing to represent the views of comrades at the grassroots within Momentum and promise to do this to the best of my ability. I oppose the imposition of the new constitution, as I believe Momentum must be a democratic, outward looking and campaigning socialist organisation rather than just another affiliated group that seeks to be part of the Labour Party set-up.

Nominated by: Mark Dale, Alex Nicholas, Michael Smith, Sally Muylders, Caroline Sugrue, Aba Kristilolu, Paul Stygal, Mick Hall, Naomi Wallace, Louie Stevens, John Pickard, Nick Bradley, Helen Mcdonald, Andy Thompson, Ken Willingale, David Mcdaid, Jim Riel, Norman Traub, Marian Traub, Mike Fieldhouse

Sam Poulson

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I've been a member of Labour since the age of 18, often feeling disillusioned, demotivated and powerless to influence the only party that came close to representing my views. 6 years later, Corbyn and this movement have given me fresh hope and inspired me to become politically active and campaign for what I believe in.

I've been active in South Birmingham Momentum since last year's leadership election. I was delegated from my branch to the Regional Committee, and then to the National Committee. Now is not the time for internal bickering, factionalism or other disputes which will distract us from our goals. It is vital that we organise within the Labour party to ensure it's both strong and democratic. We need to take on the Tories and succeed in getting a socialist Labour government elected.

As a successful candidate I will represent my region at a national level in a fair and democratic manner, focus on collaboration with our activists across the country and encourage more young people to become involved in politics.

Please consider also voting for Cecile Wright, Liz Hames and Martin Menear.
You can find out more on our campaign page here. Link

Nominated by: Nicola Brennan, Ayden Lowther, Henry Charles Hodson, Annette Hutchison, Les Kuriata, Chris Kuriata, Mick Archer, Lucy Baines, Jean Simpson, Martin Menear, Naeem Malik, Susan Payne, James Cunningham, John Rafter, Lee Berry, Stephen Myatt, Helen Leon, Adele Williams, Rachael Harris, Mark Banahan

Camila Bassi

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: I am standing for the NCG as someone completely opposed to both the content of the new constitution and the way it was imposed.

I am a lecturer in Sheffield a member of UCU, Sheffield Momentum and Sheffield Central CLP.

Politically I am a socialist feminist and have long campaigned against racism and antisemitism in wider society and the labour movement. For Momentum to thrive it needs to be inclusive and involve more working class and BME women - locally and nationally.

The imposition of the new constitution showed a complete disregard towards local groups. Momentum has an important role in seeking to transform the Labour Party, support socialist policies and defend workers in struggle. To do this it needs to build a campaigning, activist organisation. The newly imposed structures will hinder this, and are a step backwards.

If elected I would support local groups working together in a democratic and member-led momentum. I refuse to accept that those expelled from the Labour Party by an unaccountable compliance unit should be excluded from Momentum and I support the right of those members and CLPs currently suspended to have Momentum’s full support.

Nominated by: Michael Hogan, Ed Whitby, Suzie Cooper, Kathryn Runswick, Joseph Clough, Emma Runswick, John Maher, Patrick Ogorman, Kas Witana, Shana Begum, Tom Barstow, Mark Harrison, Richard Shield, Sara Khan, Peter Shield, Adam Mcnamara, Sarah Evans, Lisa Lindstrom, Nigel James, Elete Nelson-fearon

Yannis Gourtsoyannis

Standing for position: South East

Statement: ABOUT ME --- A full time doctor proud to be working in our NHS ---EXPERIENCE--- As a trade unionist in a national position I was actively involved in organising the junior doctors’ industrial action and am adept at fostering links between NHS campaigns, trade unions and the Labour Party ---PHILOSOPHY--- Momentum must be the vehicle for transforming the Labour Party into a genuine mass movement. Internal democracy must be a key component of a living, breathing and successful movement ---GOING FORWARD--- In times like these there can be no fractures or acrimony. We have to fuse the best traditions of the Left into a viable weapon that will overturn the Right. We need to tighten up, toughen up and take the fight to the Conservatives ---METHOD--- Were I to be elected to the NCG I would push for the "deep machinery” of the Labour Party to be taken into the hands of its members. I want to be in a Momentum where there can be no arbitrary exclusions of socialists. A Momentum where local groups are recognised as active, powerful and representative agents in their own right. A Momentum that brings Corbyn into power.

Nominated by: Carolyn Wallace, Callum Blake, George Hadjipateras, Elaine Donnellon, Tricia Mclaughlin, Lara Johnson, Matteo Pizzo, Molly Parkes, Jai Persaud, Tariq Persaud Parkes, Daniel Langley, Yasmyn Charles, Luke Wilson, Josh Holroyd, Carmen Vazquez, Jamie Green, Celia Wilson, Monica Zocca, Anita Downs, Adrie Van Der Meer

Pascale Mitchell

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I have been involved in Momentum since the formation of my local group in September 2015. I joined as a grassroots activist to help in the fight against austerity. I am a mother and a carer. Since January 2016 I have been a member of Momentum Southwark, Steering Committee.

Before the introduction of our new constitution I was a local group representative to the London Regional Committee and was on the Steering Committee of that group. I was also on the National Committee. I believe now is the time that we concentrate on the future of our organisation and the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn.

Momentum is transforming how people do politics. I helped at the Unite phone bank sessions during the Jeremy For Labour campaign and then set up a local phone bank event, which Jeremy Corbyn attended. I was also workshop manager at The World Transformed Conference.

Together, through campaigns and political education, our members can make a better society and as a working class person I want to help achieve this through outreach to local communities via our local groups and socialist principles.

Please also consider supporting Christine Shawcroft, David Braniff-Herbert and Puru Miah.


Nominated by: Dorinda Duncan, Elly Baker, Jenny Almeida, Jan Skinner, Barry Slapp, Simon Thorpe, Simon Brears, Lisa Fricker, Matthew Freeman, Puru Miah, David Braniff-herbert, Roland Singer-kingsmith, Michael Walker, Liz Smith, Matteo Tiratelli, Keith Ridgway, Matthew Stiles, Owen Hatherley, Apsana Begum, Vic Paulino

Puru Miah

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I first joined Labour as a teenager, and rejoined after the victory of Jeremy Corbyn in the Leadership Election of 2015.

I read Law and graduated from King's College London and am now married with two children. For many years I have worked within community education projects in East London.

Like many, I viewed the 2008 crash as a spectacular collapse in the socio-economic consensus governing our times. I found myself tired of the solutions offered by politicians, of managing rather than solving the crisis. Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party offers the only challenge to discredited conventional politics.

The Labour Party must harness the social movement energy, created by the disenchantment with formal establishment politics. Momentum is the perfect conduit for the transition of ideas, energy and activities existing in the grassroots of our communities.

As part of this approach, I co-founded the People's PPE in East London. A successful grassroots Momentum lead political education project. If elected, I would champion other grassroots political projects and would ensure that Momentum as an organisation support such initiatives where possible.

Please also consider supporting Christine Shawcroft, David Braniff-Herbert and Pascale Mitchell.
You can read more about my campaign here. Link

Nominated by: David Braniff-herbert, Pascale Mitchell, Ian Foster, Barry Slapp, Matteo Tiratelli, Jenny Almeida, Dorinda Duncan, Matthew Stiles, Craig Foster, Lisa Fricker, Robert Walker, Eleanor Baker, Apsana Begum, Tahir Mirza, Sam Tarry, Charles Kaiser, Stephen Laird, Laura Murray, Amal Bider, Tommy Corbyn

Al Gonzalez

Standing for position: South East

Statement: What does Member-Led mean?

The only body that matters and with any power is this NCG we are voting. But we could be as few as 12 to 16. We canNot have majority of 17 yet. Any grass-roots initiatives from the bottom confront insurmountable barriers and impediments. We have not been trusted to make our own decisions

We got fake One-Member-One-Vote. A non-movement emptied of soul.

Being part of two under-represented groups, LGBT and disabled, I offer all members to use a trump card.

If I get elected in the first of the two voting periods, I vow I will immediately resign if that will assist triggering two further votes: One to fill my space, and another for additional member places, as described in the constitution and election process. If this strategy fails, through how the constitution is interpreted, or by the presence of other elected members in relevant categories, you would have still manifested your 'displeasure' with this deal. And I will keep my place only to promote members' greater representation and influence, as well as propose a constitutional amendment to give members a comfortable majority, much greater than 17 to 16.

Tap on pinned post at top:

Nominated by: Geoff Littlefield, Paul Andrews, Judith Amanthis, Helen Austerberry, Yvonne Cleland, Jenny Almeida, Sam Davis, Jamie Green, Daniel Waterman, James Ellis, Tony Greenstein, Barry Slapp, Tricia Mclaughlin, Gary Dowling, Chris Bright, James Goodman, Joseph Darrall, Mary Darrall, John Mcquillan, Andrew Berry

Stan Keable

Standing for position: South East

Statement: I deplore Lansman's undemocratic January 10 coup, and Momentum's imposed constitution, with its inbuilt NCG minority of members' representatives. I was a delegate to London regional committee, supporting a sovereign delegate conference - something we campaign for in Labour. Omov means voting in isolation, without collective discussion - a fake 'democracy' traditionally resisted by the left.

Creating a rival Momentum - without Corbyn's support, or Momentum's money, database and paid staff - is impractical and divisive. The left should organise within, to make Momentum effective, giving critical support to Corbyn, confronting the Labour right, organising for a left majority at Labour conference, and mandatory selection of Labour candidates.

Momentum's prime task is democratising and transforming Labour into a genuine party of the working class, winning all TUs and all socialist groups to affiliate. Labour and the unions must become effective instruments of working class advance and international socialism - the temporary rule of the working class majority, in transition to a sustainable, classless world free from exploitation, oppression and war.

I am secretary of Labour Party Marxists (, writing in LPM Broadsheet; a Unison branch delegate to Hammersmith CLP; and until December 2016 I was an editorial board member of LRC's Labour Briefing.

Nominated by: Brian Lovett-white, Alex Sheehan, Sam Challis, Jim Moody, James Turley, Tricia Mclaughlin, Carmen Vazquez, James Ellis, John Chamberlain, Peter Pierce, Tony Greenstein, Lara Johnson, Al Gonzalez, Anita Downs, Jo Moreland, David Beaumont, Frances Patterson, Nick Rogers, Simon Boxley, Matthias Zurowski

James Ball

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: My name is James and I live and campaign in one of the most deprived wards in Wales. I have been out of work and struggling for over two and a half years now and have been required to attend the DWP’s work programme for a year and a half. Over the past six months I have fought five attempts by the DWP to sanction me for being unable to attend appointments through lack of means to travel to the programme providers offices or temporary ill health. I spent two and half years, up until May 2016, training and volunteering as an adviser with Citizen’s Advice in perhaps the most deprived ward in Wales, helping countless individuals and families in their daily struggle against crippling poverty. Each week I campaign and protest against benefit sanctions in my town centre and outside my job centre, hand out sanctions busting info leaflets and talk with other local people that are being hit hard. As an active supporter and member of Momentum, Labour and Jeremy I would hope to bring some of my personal experiences and knowledge of organising at grass roots level against viscous Tory sanctions and supposed ‘austerity’ to the NCG.

Nominated by: Faraz Khan, Adam Samuels, Ben Price, Penny Eaton, Angela Hammons, David Parry, John Whitehurst, David Evans, Delyth Lloyd-williams, Vic Grout, Darren Williams, Steve Gittins, Martin Gregory, Hazel Thompson, Beth Elen Wright, Andrea Burford, Jean Holloway, Julia Silezin, Geraint Ashcroft, Lee Pugh

Cecile Wright

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I've been a Labour member for over 30 years, and am committed to the values that we represent: social and economic justice, fairness, equality and opportunity for all, not just the few. The lives of ordinary people in the UK can only be improved with a Labour government.
These values must guide us in our effort to support the NHS, provide homes for all and reverse the austerity cuts by the Tory/Liberal coalition. We need a politics that improves living standards for all, not just a few.
To promote and build on these values we need Momentum, with its new campaigns and technologies, to assist in developing sustained activism within our communities as well as nationally.
I have been working closely with Momentum since its foundation, serving on its previous national committees in addition to co-chairing our Black Caucus. I'm also Vice-Chair and BAME officer of my constituency Labour Party, and organise campaigns against all forms of racism and xenophobia.
Please also consider voting for: Sam Poulson, Liz Hames and Martin Menear. For more information, please see our campaign page here. Link

Nominated by: Zoe Hughes, Kathryn Salt, Martin Menear, Helen Leon, Rachael Harris, Ben Timberley, Raymond Shemilt, Nicola Brennan, Samuel Poulson, Keith Venables, Sue Marshall, Andrea Burford, Henry Charles Hodson, Paul C Brett, Umaar Kazmi, Mick Kennedy, Mike Hirst, Lou Brady, Mark Dale, Chris Burford

Alan Runswick

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: I am standing to help link local Momentum groups into a genuinely democratic socialist movement. Momentum members should decide policy by a mixture of delegate democracy, a decision making conference, and one member one vote on key issues.

If you would like more information about my candidacy, please email me via

I am a member of the Momentum National Committee for the North West. I am a Labour Party member and an organiser for Wirral Momentum. I am an active Trade Unionist. That includes helping PCS members in my workplace, leading our cleaners' strike, and national negotiations for the 35,000 members who work for my employer.

If elected I will work for:

- A democratic Momentum controlled by its members, including an annual policy making conference with delegates from local groups;
- A majority of the Momentum leadership to be elected by members using OMOV, with no special privileges for groups such as MPs, Police Commissioners, or small factions;
- Momentum members to organise at all levels in the Labour Party to argue for socialist policies and candidates;
- Momentum to campaign to support suspended CLPs and members unjustly suspended and expelled from the Labour Party.

Nominated by: Joseph Clough, Adam Mcnamara, Patrick Ogorman, Sharon Maclean, Jim Ring, Craig Cooper, Sarah Evans, Suzanne Gannon, Peter Keenlyside, Alan Gregson, John Maher, David Brennan, Kathryn Runswick, Vernon Perkins, Steve Mcmahon, Richard Shield, Linda Heap, Pete Rossetti, Debbie Porter, Kevin Morrison

Jae Robinson

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: Momentum provides a unique opportunity via Jeremy Corbyn leadership campaigns, to invigorate the Labour Party. Placing the membership of the party at its core having a genuine role in OUR party...

Momentum, I believe is the springboard for a new, inclusive and exciting Labour Party ready for Government in 2020 or sooner placing Corbyn's 10 point plan at the forefront of people's minds.

A disabled woman, I've fought for decades re Equalities ; remembering the young child vilified for looking Irish,my campaigning for justice knows no barriers from Rocking against Racism, anti violence, anti austerity and combating the rise in hate crime due to accusatory vilification of minorities by unfeeling Tories. Let's

Put aside squabbles

Promote equalities, fairness and justice in all areas of party activities.

- Develop grass roots campaigning to attract new Labour party voters, 40% population don't vote.

Collaborate with CLPs, Unions and Public Services e.g. NHS, fire, education

- Move away from staid 'board room' politics, to one that listens and hears people.

- Promote socio-political education recognising diversity and barriers to voting.

- Speaking up for the person in the corner, forgotten, feeling voiceless.

Not forgetting I'll be speaking up for YOU.

Please consider also Chris York and Sue Marshall

Nominated by: Andrew Thompson, Maria Carroll, Mike Fieldhouse, Chris York, Sue Marshall, Bridgid Herridge, Ian Pope, Craig Fraser, Peter Bloomer, Jan Vail, Tasib Y Mughal, Philip Woodfield, Lydia Hocking, Tyler Bennetts, Paula Dauncey, Mark Dale, Sarah Teversham, Tony Burns, Kath Hodson, Caroline Tipler

Liz Yeates

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: The new constitution undermines democracy in Momentum and I thoroughly oppose it. This is one of the reasons I have chosen to stand and give members a voice.

I am currently taking a work break to care for my daughter. I came out at 14 and very quickly learned that I was going to have to fight for rights not yet achieved.

I was a key organiser of Leicester’s first gay pride as a direct response to far right attacks, an achievement I am still proud of.

Recently I initiated a successful campaign to save local breastfeeding services, defend nursery nurse posts and collect and distribute baby bags for asylum seekers and refugees. These are exactly the kind of campaigns Momentum should support.

Momentum should aim to transform the Labour Party, support socialist policies and defend workers in struggle. For momentum to do this it needs to build a campaigning, activist organisation. In Leicester we have started to do this and build on our groups work.

I refuse to accept that those expelled from the Labour Party by an unaccountable compliance unit should be excluded from Momentum, instead Momentum should be offering those members and suspended CLPs their full support.

Nominated by: William Harding, Chris Allen, Andy Godfrey, Pete Radcliff, Tim Cooper, Nina Douglas, Mark Dale, Christine Rimmer, Rida Vaquas, Vicki Morris, Gary O'donnell, Patrick Markey, Phil Pope, Dora Polenta, Elizabeth Watson, Dawn Elliott, Sheila Ravnkilde, Kristian Ravnkilde, Laura Cameron, Rob Marsden

Roger O'Doherty

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: I chair the Momentum Calderdale group, working closely with our CLPs. My history of activism encompasses Peoples Democracy in Northern Ireland, the Anti Apartheid movement, anti deportation campaigns, anti war activity, Bedroom Tax campaigning and Peoples Assembly. Through Unite Community I campaign against sanctions at my local job centre and am angered by the misery I see there.

I have been a fisherman and a carpenter but most of my working life has been in the voluntary and community sector, developing tenant associations and neighbourhood action groups, supporting the development of charities and managing community regeneration projects in Kirklees. I have helped run more than a thousand community meetings.

I have expertise in organisational development and community activism. I have been a shop steward and Health and Safety rep.

I am excited that the Labour Party is led by someone espousing the radical vision I share, a light of hope in these dark days.

My local focus is ensuring that our Tory MP loses his job as soon as possible. and nationally I want to be a part of maintaining Momentum as a dynamic campaigning organisation that will enthuse people about Jeremy Corbyn's agenda.

Find me:

Nominated by: (christine) Jane Rendle, Jill Rowe, Tony Roberts, Carol Machell, Pete Rossetti, Adam Mcnamara, Lisa Rossetti, Tony Green, Vicki Leeming, Barnaby Neale, Ollie Willows, Susie Hodgin, Jill Osman, Sarah Dawson, Neal Heard, Victoria Jenkins, Ludi Simpson, Sue Easterbrook, Mark Dickson, Val Walsh

Alex Scott-Samuel

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: I want to amplify the collective democratic voice of Momentum and make us an effective grassroots movement. I'm not sure if the NCG is the best way forward but I'm keen to make it work. Please vote for me to help Momentum heal and flourish. I will work with every NCG comrade for Labour Party socialism and for the good of Momentum.

I'm a medical doctor and an active member of Momentum NHS. I've been a Labour member for 40 years - Liverpool Wavertree CLP. I'm in the BMA and Doctors in Unite. I'm also in CLPD. I co-founded Keep Our NHS Public in 2005.

I'm an adviser to Labour's shadow health minister. In the 1980s I was on the NEC social policy committee and was health adviser to the late Michael Meacher when he was shadow SoS.

I'm a feminist and pacifist as well as a socialist. Keen for Momentum and Labour to take gender seriously. I'm partially sighted - registered blind. I'm active on Twitter - 1100 followers - @buzhna

I'm an assertive and charismatic public speaker - check me out on YouTube. I'm not a member of any factional group. I sing with Liverpool Socialist Singers and run poetry events in Liverpool.

Nominated by: Robbie Gibbons, Rachel Gibbons, Sian Hartley, Rebecca Smyth, Suzanne Gannon, Adam Mcnamara, Ruth White, Clare Mcintyre, Donald Alan Gillespie, Jack Howes, Jake Roney, Joanne Land, Jeffrey Rawlinson, Helen Cranage, John Simpson, Caroline Kinney, Steve Mcmahon, Irene Leonard, Steve Walker, Nigel James

Nav Mishra

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: As a 27-year-old retail worker, I've been active in my trade union, Unite, and my local Labour Party in Stockport for several years. I have served as Vice-Chair and parliamentary elections agent for my CLP of Hazel Grove, as well as campaigning with Young Labour across the North West.

We founded our local Momentum group last Autumn, and have recruited enthusiastic new members, as well as supporting our wider community. We have held educational events, collected for our local food banks, made spice parcels for refugees in Calais, and organised phone banks for Jeremy’s second campaign. Through our activities we have brought new energy to our local Labour Party and CLP.

My priorities if elected will be transparency, openness, and harnessing new technology to campaign for socialist ideas & a Labour Government. Momentum has the potential to be a wonderful example to the whole of our movement, to be an inclusive network of people, inspired by Jeremy’s campaign, and to find new ways of reaching out and uniting people across our country.

I hope you entrust me with your vote.

Please also consider voting for Liz Hayden, Gemma Thornton & John Taylor.


Nominated by: Gemma Thornton, John Taylor, Faisal Yousif, Callum Vibert, Elizabeth Hayden, Marcus Barnett, Sophie Brown, Ellie Clarke, Adrian West, James Gill, Lisa Rossetti, Connor Naismith, James Mason, Ross Holden, Peter Rossetti, David White, George Downs, Adam Mcnamara, Richard Tiffin, Robbie Gibbons

Barbara Roberts

Standing for position: South East

Statement: Hello, I'm an SRN. A lifelong Socialist and Labour Party member of several years, supportive of Jeremy Corbyn. I am very active within my CLP. I've been elected to represent them as a delegate to both National and Regional Conference.
I have voted for Jeremy Corbyn in both Leadership elections.
The reason I joined Momentum is because I see the movement as being the proper vehicle with which to defend Corbyn and build Labour under his leadership. Towards a Labour Government.
I support Corbyn's ten-point plan, seeing his policies address different groups that include some of the most marginalised in our society. Such as the disabled.
As a visibly disabled person I have a wealth of experience in various campaigns, working with groups such as DPAC, which I want to bring to the table.
I want to make Momentum a fighting force of democracy, inclusive of a range of groups.
Fundamentally I want to make Momentum a more democratic organisation and experience for all.

Facebook: Barbara 4 Momentum NCG South East
Campaigning Background: DPAC, KONP, SUTR, Save Our NHS. LAAA, PAAA, Another Europe Is Possible, DiEM25, CND.

Nominated by: Sue Alexander, Stephen Tiller, Rafael Hortala-vallve, Bryan Kennedy, Ali Dogan, Susan Parry, Tom Cockroft, Charles Kaiser, Cathy Augustine, Glyn Harries, Adam Peggs, Stephen Hamer, Mark Rees, Amy Hills-fletcher, Lauren Collins, Rashida Islam, Liz Davies, Jonathan Rosenhead, Alana Harkin, Andy Baxter

Gemma Thornton

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: As a Labour member in East Leeds and the membership secretary for our CLP, my role has been to bring the hundreds of new members we've gained here over the last two years into our party.

With our MP Richard Burgon and local activists we've strived to make our party more accessible and open, uniting members old and new to campaign for Labour throughout the city.

Whether it was running the phone banks in Leeds, setting up a city-wide network of campaigners to share best practice, or training our candidates for selection and election to the council, I've worked constantly to unite our movement and make it stronger.

Momentum has tremendous promise to be a grassroots force, drawing from our communities, and ensuring a transformative Labour Party that can change our country for the better.

If elected my aims will be reaching out to encourage new members from across our movement, offering the training & support for people to reach their potential, and supporting strong Labour candidates.

Please also consider voting for Elizabeth Hayden, Nav Mishra and John Taylor.
You can find out more about our campaign here. Link

Nominated by: Nav Mishra, Richard Tiffin, John Taylor, Faisal Yousif, Callum Vibert, Melvyn Burton, Elizabeth Hayden, Katie Dye, Lisa Rossetti, John Mcmahon, David White, James Gill, Mohammed Shahzad, Zahid Noor, Peter Rossetti, Claire Rose, Fiona Jones, Warren Smith, Adam Mcnamara, Andrew Miles

Helen McDonald

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I joined the Labour Party after the General Election in 2010 when I realised it was time to put my money where my mouth was and get involved rather than just complain. However, I became demotivated and was ready to let my membership slip until Jeremy Corbyn stood for leadership. In fact, I only paid my dues at the last minute so I could vote for him. In May 2015, I was elected as Councillor for Kursaal Ward in Southend-on-Sea and my standing for and winning that seat is a direct result of Jeremy Corbyn being leader and the enormous amount of support I received from members of Momentum locally, a group of people who have continued to support me ever since. I am nominating myself for Momentum’s NCG because I see the enthusiasm and passion that Momentum members have for a new kind of politics and I want to be able to use my position as a Labour Councillor, which they helped me to achieve, to represent their views and to allow their voice to be heard.

Terry Deans

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: At the age of 56 I am brand new to politics. I have never voted in a General Election and only voted for the 1st time ever in my life at the local council elections in Plymouth in May 2016. I have no political baggage or battle scars. I am the current Co Chair of Momentum Plymouth.

Previously a Royal Naval veteran as a Petty Officer and campaign medal holder for the Falklands War in 1982 as a 21-year-old. So, I have served and fought for my country, as the saying goes, but never voted for the ones who send us to war!

That is because I have never trusted any politicians that have gained power or leadership. Until now. Jeremy Corbyn has changed a habit of a lifetime for me when I thought I may never live to see the day when someone would get to the level he has who finally represents my own political and life standard principles. So I joined the Labour Party in September 2015!

Momentum is in the front line of political history, undoubtedly a war of passion. I feel that my experience and character brings composure and keeps heads calm when under pressure

Nominated by: Jack Witek, Stephen Brown, Kevin Ewert, Carmen Malaree, Ruth Wilson, Mike Hirst, Kate Ewert, Roger Cornish, Susan Shand, Mark Dale, Susan Thompson, Kate Steele, Jill Narin, Paul Mcnamara, Nerys Williams, Di Coffey, Manda Scott, Kay Ecclestone, Jake Harrington, Dominic Hills

Rida Vaquas

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: Elect me and I will fight for Momentum to be led by the grassroots membership and not by a clique at the top with no accountability whatsoever.

Whatever democratic structures and policy platforms Momentum decides upon, they need to be decided actively by members, not by 6 people in an email vote in less than an hour. Elect me and I won't be a rubber stamp, I'll be a critical voice that argues for the democracy that a labour movement organisation deserves.

Momentum needs to have the courage to be political, campaigning for socialist policy in the face of overwhelming pressure by the forces of the Right - this necessitates being critical of our friends whilst attacking our enemies.

In a time when the NHS is in crisis, education is being cut and the far right is rising across the world, now, more than ever, we need to be unafraid to be socialists, and unafraid to be actively, democratically organising to fulfil our aims.

Vote for me for a Momentum is an active organisation on the ground, and not just someone's pet email database.

Nominated by: Ian Pope, Zoe Salanitro, Faraz Khan, Andrew Thompson, Mark Dale, Phil Pope, Nick Bradley, Chris Allen, Andy Godfrey, Pete Radcliff, Nina Douglas, C Rimmer, Tim Cooper, Vicki Morris, Patrick Markey, Dora Polenta, Elizabeth Watson, Dawn Elliott, Sheila Ravnkilde, Kristian Ravnkilde

Steve Gittins

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I'm Steve Gittins
I joined the Labour Party the week after the 1992 election because I was angry! I lost faith during the Blair years because I'm not relaxed about people getting rich.
I see Momentum as a breath of fresh air in the Labour movement, allowing members a chance to express and practice their socialist beliefs.
We, as a movement, have to support the Corbyn leadership and work as hard as we can to promote socialist values within the Labour Party. As a CLP officer, I find myself well placed to do this, working to encourage those Party members with a true socialist leaning to join Momentum and to ensure that these members take an active role within their CLP.
As an activist within our local Momentum group, I look forward to working every harder to fight our political opponents and ensure a Labour victory at all levels of government.

Nominated by: Adam Samuels, Penny Eaton, Angela Hammons, David Parry, John Whitehurst, David Evans, James Ball, Vic Grout, Delyth Lloyd-williams, Darren Williams, Martin Gregory, Hazel Thompson, Beth Elen Wright, Kay Lawrence, Jean Holloway, Julia Silezin, Geraint Ashcroft, Lee Pugh, Michael Harrison, Paul O'sullivan

Sahaya James

Standing for position: South East

Statement: Momentum offers an exciting opportunity for the left, but is being squandered by a leadership who've proven they're willing to maintain control of Momentum's structures and ideas, no matter what, even expelling socialists who oppose them.

I'm currently a student and President of my Labour club at UAL. I was President of my FE college union, organise in the National Campaign Against Fees Cuts and sit on the NUS NEC. I'm a grassroots organiser used to defending democratic structures and working on the ground with members.

The right are dismantling the NHS, slashing vital services, marketising education and scapegoating migrants - globally we witness the far-right rise and climate change threaten our survival. The left must unashamedly argue for socialist ideas and promote democracy and internationalism. Our organisations must be democratic, transparent and member-led.

I will oppose and shine light on attempts to undermine the membership. To convince people of our ideas and get Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, we need activists with a mind of their own, not footsoldiers directed by an office. I will fight for Momentum's future to be debated and decided by it's members - the local groups and activist-base that give Momentum it's power and potential.


Nominated by: Stephen Wood, Josh Chown, Anastazja Oppenheim, Jamie Green, Michael Chessum, Jennifer Mills, Daniel Rawnsley, Nathan Rogers, Daniel Nichols, Esther Townsend, Ben Towse, Anita Downs, Daniel Randall, Gemma Short, Martin Thomas, Deborah Hermanns, Yannis Gourtsoyannis, Richard Osborn, Maisie Sanders, Callum Forbes

Emine Ibrahim

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I have always been proud to be a socialist in the Labour Party and now with Jeremy Corbyn as our leader we have the opportunity we must not miss to turn our party in to a mass movement that can transform politics in the UK. For many years we have fought for a more radical message and alternative and now we must follow that through to a General Election victory in 2020. Labour in Local Government must play its role for laying the foundations for that and engaging with our new activist base to make significant gains across the UK in the up and coming local elections. I have been a Labour Cllr in Haringey since 2014 and it was a hard fought election in a key marginal seat. We need to build a strong campaigning and electoral knowledge base in Momentum. I am also a member of the London Labour Party Regional Board representing party members in North and East London. I am a trade unionist and as Branch Secretary of Redbridge Unison I see everyday the impact of austerity and the destruction of public services through cuts to local government funding.

David Braniff-Herbert

Standing for position: South East

Statement: Queer, Disabled, Union Organiser for a United Momentum that transforms the Labour Party to win

I was born on Roundshaw Estate in South London, my family moved to Surrey but we lost our house in 1992. Later on, feeling pretty fed up with life and unable to go to University I became a union activist in a call centre in Manchester and then a full-time Union Organiser.

Having provided the voiceover for Jeremy's leadership campaigns' Pride in London video, I provided a policy briefing to Jeremy on LGBT+ issues before his interview with Pink News last year.

I am a co-founder of London LGBT+ Momentum and facilitate meetings including running workshops, writing minutes and chairing.

If you want someone that truly understands organising - who will facilitate access for wider participation including disabled people and carers and who will help win a transformative Labour Party then please vote for me.


- Senior Organiser for LGBT+ teachers, National Union of Teachers
- GMB SHOUT! LGBT+ Committee Member
- TUC LGBT+ Committee Member (2013-16)
- Reclaim Vauxhall; LGBT+ walk Organiser
- Young Workers Month, founder
- GMB Young Members, founder
- HOPE not hate, National Organiser (2010-13)

See on Facebook: Link

Nominated by: Barry Slapp, Daniel Blaney, Michael Walker, Eleanor Baker, Puru Miah, Pascale Mitchell, Matteo Tiratelli, Jenny Almeida, Dorinda Duncan, Matthew Stiles, Simon Brears, Jan Skinner, Tariq Persaud Parkes, Jai Persaud, Molly Parkes, Lisa Fricker, Apsana Begum, Sam Tarry, John Collins, Adrie Van Der Meer

Chris York

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: My political experience includes standing in the last two General Elections; CLP and Branch Secretary for many years; Chair of my Parish Council; Public Governor on Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental Health Trust; Eastern Region Board member of the Labour Party; active member of UNITE; Vice chair on SERTUC’s International Affairs Committee.
My campaign experience includes organising many campaigns locally and regionally - MPs, Local Authority, mayoral. I’ve a good knowledge of Labour’s rules and procedures - very important when groups such as Labour First try to influence outcomes of elections to the NEC and in our constituencies.
As an organisation, members of Momentum should put personal differences to one side and work together to campaign to win for Labour. This is how we will get Jeremy elected in 2020.
I campaigned for Jeremy in 2015 and again in 2016 setting up North Cambs Momentum in October 2015. We’ve had several public events, including John McDonnell, NHS and Trident. We’ve also campaigned with candidates in the county winning people over to Labour and taken part in demos.
I’ve a wealth of knowledge and skills to bring to this role and I’m a great believer and promoter of equality and fairness principles.
You can read more about Chris by visiting Link
Please also support Sue Marshall, Jae Robinson and Andy Thompson

Nominated by: Mark Dale, Sue Marshall, David Heywood, Irene Henson, Kathy Dougall, Janet Sherwood, Charles David Ham, Jae Robinson, Mike Parsons, Alan Dougall, Alan Warner, Dennis Jones, Clare King, Rob Leach, Steven R Smith, Faraz Khan, Mike Hirst, Jonathan Orchard, Norma Dinnie-weall, Andrew Thompson

Leigh Drennan

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I joined the Labour Party at 17 years of age in 2009 and have a long history of activism on the Labour Left. I was elected to Tameside Council in 2012 winning my seat from the Conservatives and retained the seat in May 2016. I am a campaigner that knows how to win and I want to bring that experience to Momentum.
This Conservative Government has smashed local government. We need to mobilise Momentum and Labour’s mass membership to hold them to account and fight for a Labour victory at the next general election.
I am active in Tameside Momentum, I work full time for UNISON as an organiser and also worked as a regional organiser for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign. I am a member of LGBT Labour and also sit on the Young Labour National Committee.
I want to bring new and enthusiastic members forward to stand for elected office. I regularly train Momentum members in the North on how to fight a selection and how to become a Councillor. If elected I will work to roll out a similar programme nationally.
Please also consider voting for; Hester Bridges and Emine Ibrahim

Helen Rutherford-Gregory

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: Raised on a council estate in Sunderland, I'm a recently married, working class woman aged 33 with a degree in Psychology and Politics, now living in Cheshire and working in a sweatshop, oops sorry, 'call centre'.

I was key contact for Momentum Cheshire West throughout the campaign to keep Corbyn as the Labour Party leader and was instrumental in planning and organising a rally and meetings. I was also recently a delegate for the Chester CLP to the Regional Conference in Blackpool.

The current divisions in Momentum make me deeply sad and mournful of our Summer unity, look at what we can achieve when we work together. I think Momentum needs to empower it's members. I see pros and cons for both OMOV and the delegate structure. I genuinely think the way forward lies in compromise. I don't believe in giving up on Momentum, but I certainly don't agree with the imposition of the constitution without consultation.

I'm passionate about issues such as saving the NHS, improving provisions within LP meetings for members with disabilities and helping the homeless. I'm also very passionate about fighting racism and bigotry and the emergence of right wing extremism in Britain.

Nominated by: Trish Richards, Joanne Cotgreave, Chris Gregory, Adam Mcnamara, Owen Dowling, Steve Mcmahon, Alan Runswick, Nigel James, Josie Runswick, Jim Ring, Michael Hogan, Val Walsh, Dr Joseph O'neill, Yvonne Davies, Raymond Mchale, John Kenney, Angela Kehoe-jones, Joseph Clough, Seth Horsu, Ed Whitby

Anita Downs

Standing for position: South East

Statement: Until the position was abolished undemocratically I was one of the two women’s representatives on the National Committee. I am a nurse, and branch secretary in Unite. I am the events officer in my Labour Party ward, and help co-ordinate our Momentum caucus in Lewisham East CLP, as well as our Momentum working group on migrants’ rights. I’m centrally involved in the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign.
Tory austerity is particularly impacting on women as workers and recipients across the public sector. Women still do most caring for older family members and children, it is often more difficult for them to engage in political campaigns, and meetings. I want to address these issues and to do this Momentum must have proper functioning democratic structures, and vibrant and active groups.
I am also gay. Since ending a long term relationship with my ex partner I have experienced a painful form of homophobia as some people no longer recognise my status as a non-biological mother. This has highlighted to me the necessity of continuing to work towards equality and acceptance for LGBT people and our families.

Nominated by: Yannis Gourtsoyannis, Stephen Wood, Joshua Chown, Jamie Green, Gemma Short, Michael Chessum, Liam Mcnulty, Jack Sheen, Tom Harris, Kieran Miles, Lara Johnson, Al Gonzalez, Kate Harris, Anastazja Oppenheim, Omar Raii, Liam Thorne, Jennifer Mills, Joe Newman, Martin Donohue, Daniel Rawnsley

Steve Hudson

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: I'm standing on behalf of Momentum International, an unofficial grassroots organisation for Corbyn supporters living outside Britain (also assigned to the North / Scotland). Momentum International currently connects 1000+ people via Facebook ( Link ) & Twitter ( Link ). There are apparently another 800 Momentum members & supporters internationally, and we've asked MomentumHQ to help us get in touch.

Momentum International has a vital role to play in fending off an existential challenge to Labour:

The Tories have announced they'll introduce Votes for Life for UK citizens abroad ( Link ) - over 5.6 MILLION potential voters. To date, Labour and our CLP, Labour International (LI) have made NO PREPARATIONS to deal with this. We desperately need to turn this around.

To do this, we will campaign hard to win control of our CLP exec in March elections. LI membership has tripled to 3,500 - overwhelmingly Corbyn supporters. We need to harness their energy, making LI a resource with first-hand experience on the ground, campaigning in solidarity with social movements worldwide. The key to achieving this is inclusive, transparent & accountable grassroots democracy.

Lastly: as migrants ourselves, we stand in solidarity with all migrants worldwide. Migration didn't cause the world's problems - scapegoating them won't solve those problems either.

Nominated by: Adam Mcnamara, Colin O Driscoll, David M Rothery, Jennifer Semahimbo, Arron Finnon, Philip John Adams, Joseph Corcoran, Bernard Forbes, Jonathan Clyne, Timothy Appleton, Francis Jones, David Pardoe, John Botteley, Matthew Heaney, Belinda Beasley, Matt York, Andy Whiteman, Rowan Shaw, Kate Laycock, Katy Mccafferty

Martin Menear

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I joined Labour in 1978 and have been active in the Labour movement since the 1980's. As secretary of one the first CLPs to nominate Jeremy in 2015 I have successfully harnessed the enthusiasm created by Jeremy's candidature to turn a previously moribund CLP into five vibrant campaigning branches.

I have helped establish Momentum groups across the SW and continue to support and advise them if asked.

In 2016 I volunteered as SW coordinator of Jeremy's leadership campaign. The Heartlands rally in Cornwall attracted thousands in an area hostile to Labour.

I believe most members want to get on with campaigning - building a left Labour Party in their areas. The time has come to stop debating structures and direct our fire onto the Tories.

We need to focus on democratising Labour and electing a radical Labour government, rather than creating a parallel party structure with its own policies. We need to encourage, train and support Momentum members to stand for CLP office; to be candidates for councils; and ultimately to become MPs, not waste time debating which version of socialism is correct.

Please also vote for Cecile Wright, Liz Hames, Sam Poulson

For more information see our Facebook page here: Link

Nominated by: Kevin Ewert, Lee Berry, Stephen Myatt, Evelyn Burges, Nina Franklin, Ian Coulson, Tyler Bennetts, Henry Charles Hodson, Faraz Khan, Nicola Brennan, Claire Nance, Samuel Poulson, Helen Leon, Adele Williams, Abigail Wyatt, Raymond Shemilt, Paul Johnson, Di Coffey, Umaar Kazmi, Terry Deans

Elizabeth Hayden

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: I believe that Momentum should be a platform supporting left wing activists to get involved in the Labour Party. It should provide political education and support members in turning their Labour party into a grassroots, member led organisation.

I work in community arts in Liverpool. Every day I work alongside local people to encourage community activism and political engagement. I am a member of my trade union Unite and I sit on the North West Young Members Committee, where our focus has been on tackling the exploitation of young workers in our region.

I helped set up our Liverpool Momentum group which was key to organising for Jeremy's second leadership campaign in the city. We have also reached out to local groups active on issues of the NHS, local services and international solidarity to build as broad a movement as possible.

If elected my aim will be to encourage and support local activism across the country to oppose this government, and work for a strong, united labour movement.

Please also consider voting for Nav Mishra, Gemma Thornton and John Taylor.
You can find out more about our campaign here. Link

Nominated by: Nav Mishra, John Taylor, Gemma Thornton, Faisal Yousif, Callum Vibert, Lisa Rossetti, James Gill, Marcus Barnett, Peter Rossetti, David White, Cormac O'neill, Adam Mcnamara, George Downs, Richard Tiffin, Robbie Gibbons, Matt Kings, Chris Le, Tom Manning, Elizabeth Warnock, Sarah Weston

Mike Fieldhouse

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I first joined the Labour Party whilst still at school and immediately became actively involved in my local CLP and Young Socialists, however disillusionment started to creep in when witnessing the lack of support the party's leadership gave the miners during their heroic fight against Thatcher's socially devastating policies in the mid-'80s.

By 2015 I had all but given up hope of seeing a fair and just society in the UK during my lifetime. That was until Jeremy Corbyn's brilliant leadership campaign reignited my enthusiasm and belief that a party with truly socialist policies, that cared about ordinary people, could emerge from the tangled mess of spin and burned-out carcass of the travesty that was New Labour.

Last year I stood on a left-wing platform for Southend Council, narrowly missing out on taking a seat where I'm told there hadn't been a Labour councillor since the 1960s, with a 12% swing from the Tories. Next year I'm determined to go one better.

I believe Momentum can be the force for change that we all want in British politics, driven by you - its grass-roots members. Given the chance, I will speak for you and make sure your voices are heard.


my webpage is: Link

Nominated by: Anna Ingram, Ian Elliott, Helen Mcdonald, Mick Ekers, Michael Smith, Alex Nicholas, Sally Muylders, Louie Stevens, Hilary Scarnell, Laura Clarke, Amanda Tanner, Thyrza Leyshon, David Mcdaid, Norman Traub, Marian Traub, Julian Ware-lane, Andrew Buxton, Caroline Sugrue, Ken Willingale, Jae Robinson

Joseph Ejiofor

Standing for position: MPs and elected representatives

Statement: I have been a Labour Party member for over 22 years, and at times it’s been a lonely and frustrating experience; door knocking and leafletting for people who I knew did not share my political beliefs, and who voted for things that I was ashamed to mention. Those days are past.

I am standing because I believe that the energy of the people’s momentum movement must not dissipate and Jeremy must have the organisation / support to remodel the party in his image. We have a unique opportunity to build a dynamic, progressive grass roots political movement.

I am committed to turning Momentum supporters into Labour members, members into activists, and activists into Labour elected representatives.

I first joined a trades union (USDAW) aged 15, when I got my first proper job stacking shelves in Fine-Fare. I have been a member of RMT, AEEU, Amicus and Unite.

Momentum’s structure must aim to influence Labour policy, and get supportive candidates elected, with the ultimate objective of securing the election of a progressive Labour Party, whose elected representatives are both in tune with the membership and pursuing policies that have the confidence of the membership.

Newham Councillor: 1997-2006
Haringey Councillor: 2010-

Phil Pope

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I got involved at the first Bristol meeting and am active in Labour as Branch Chair and a CLP Coordinator.

I object to the imposition of the new constitution. I will try to get a decision-making annual conference put in place. The foundation of socialism is democracy and, however messy and time-consuming it might be, you can't fudge democracy by imposing it from above.

I don't like that membership data is controlled by a Ltd company rather than by Momentum's members.

All positions of authority on national committees should be open to election.

If we are to have 'online democracy' these tools must be created and used by a large part of the membership. 'Online democracy' shouldn't just be a buzz-word to appear radical. We need to have online debate, meeting minutes, articles and news updates so that members know what they are being asked to decide on.

If we are going to continue campaigning to democratise the LP we have to put our own house in order or why should anyone take us seriously? In some ways the imposed constitution is less democratic than the rest of the LP - not the good example we should set for others.

Nominated by: Bruce Yates, Kevin Whitston, Jeremy Clarke, Keith Elliott, Andrew Thompson, Ian Pope, Mike Weaver, Nick Bradley, Chris Allen, Andy Godfrey, Pete Radcliff, Nina Douglas, Tim Cooper, Vicki Morris, Rida Vaquas, Patrick Markey, Dora Polenta, Elizabeth Watson, Dawn Elliott, Sheila Ravnkilde

Kevin Neil

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I live in Plymouth and am active within the south west region in Momentum, the Labour Party and in Unite the Union. I first joined Labour nearly 30 years ago and have long recognised the need to rebuild. I believe that Momentum creates a unique opportunity to reconnect the Labour Party to its roots, particularly through the mass membership, through trades unions and through grass roots campaigns. Labour must connect with ordinary people, defend public services and fight for fair distribution of wealth.

When Jeremy Corbyn first stood as leader I joined his campaign and organised activity in this area, including the open meeting that packed Plymouth Guildhall. When Momentum was announced I immediately registered interest and set to work creating the Plymouth branch in October 2015. Since then I’ve campaigned hard on many issues, attended the south west regional meetings and also the National Committee.

I want to see Momentum transform Labour into a democratic socialist mass movement that is a force within every community, a force for change and once again a party of government. Together we can do this and with your support I’m willing to commit to working to help us all achieve it.

Nominated by: Paul Mcnamara, Kevin Ewert, Roger Edward Cornish, Lee Berry, Karen Purdy, James Craigie, David Owen, Stephen Myatt, Andrew Duncan, Andy Thompson, Cerys Hartt, Gemma Peter, Dave Berkeley, Susan Shand, David Garrigan, Rebecca Griffin, Wanda Lozinska, Pauline Elmore, John Elmore, Maxine Sadza

Christine Shawcroft

Standing for position: South East

Statement: Jeremy Corbyn's election has given us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build Labour as the mass socialist party we have always dreamed of. I believe an open, democratic Momentum can involve all supporters in a political and social movement to transform the Labour Party.
We need to campaign on Jeremy's policy pledges and build support for them in the party and outside. We need to train members to take part in Labour campaigns, particularly at election times, to improve our representation at all levels of local and national government. We need to encourage supporters to take up positions in Labour party structures. We need to organise across counties, regions and nations to share knowledge and experience and make sure we are working effectively together.
I have been a party member for 40 years and have fought to represent members on Labour's NEC for 17. I have been involved with Momentum from the very beginning. We have excellent staff and volunteers who deserve our support. I want to work with all our members and supporters to build a Momentum, and Labour Party, to be proud of.
Please also support David Braniff-Herbert, Pascale Mitchell and Puru Miah.
You can find out more here. Link

Nominated by: Pascale Mitchell, Charles Kaiser, Puru Miah, Tahir Mirza, Isha Mirza, Mubashar Ali Mirza, Hina Mirza, Barbara Roberts, Kevin Piper, Dorinda Duncan, Jenny Almeida, Eleanor Baker, Vic Paulino, Bonnie Craven, Liz Martin, Angie Ray, Lisa Fricker, Richard Fricker, Jon Lansman, Adam Peggs

Sue Marshall

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I believe that to be effective Momentum must be a cohesive organisation with its members as its driving force. It'll be an essential tool in securing the election of Jeremy Corbyn and his left-wing policies to government - so vital to restore fairness, justice and equality for all.
To achieve this Momentum must have a stable organisation with a constitution, clarity of purpose and all members having an equal say in how Momentum develops and campaigns - OMOV.

I'm working-class, always a socialist and voting Labour at every election, with wide experience of local government, finishing as a senior auditor; joined the LP after 25 years as full-time carer; in a year as Chair of my CLP I have become Campaign Coordinator; delegate to Annual and Regional Conference; delegate (Unite) to TC, CATC; achieved a rejuvenation of the CLP with enthusiastic and active left-wing officers and supported a reawakening Branch.

One of the first members of Momentum, I've worked hard in my group to raise Labour's profile locally; organised several public events; actively supported TC; demonstrated against social injustices.
Momentum can drive social change for the benefit of all.
Please also vote - Chris York Jae Robinson Andy Thompson

Nominated by: Irene Henson, Kathy Dougall, David Heywood, Chris York, Andrew Harland, Janet Sherwood, Alan Dougall, Alan Warner, Dennis Jones, Jae Robinson, Clare King, Rob Leach, Steven Smith, Evelyn Burges, Henry Charles Hodson, Jonathan Orchard, Martin Menear, Norma Dinnie-weall, Mark Dale, Andrew Thompson

John Taylor

Standing for position: North and Scotland

Statement: I have been an active member of the Labour Party and Trade Union Movement all my adult life, having been a Branch Secretary / Chair, Constituency Chair/ Secretary. I believe I am widely respected for my work in Momentum Teesside, the Labour Party and the Trade Union movement am currently Secretary of Tees Unite Community, Vice Chair Momentum Teesside and Executive Member Redcar CLP. It is absolutely imperative that the North East has representation on the new NCG and I am the only Candidate representative of this huge area. Since Momentum Teesside was launched by Jon Lansman, I've coordinated phone banks, public meetings, committee meetings and socials; developed links with local campaign groups across the area. I was also one of the Organisers for the Jeremy Corbyn Rally during 1st Leadership contest where over 1,000 turned up on a wet Tuesday afternoon.

I aim to help build Momentum as a movement that works inside the Labour Party and in grassroots struggles for Corbyn's new politics, if elected I will bring to the new National Committee a willingness to engage at all levels to create genuine political momentum for the change our nation needs. Please also consider VOTING for Gemma Thornton Navendu Mishra & Elizabeth Hayden.


Nominated by: Adam Mcnamara, Jamie Driscoll, Mick Hills, Denise Piper, Lisa Rossetti, Pete Rossetti, Alan Dixon, Maureen S Taylor, Laurence Read, Philip Newton, Peter Neal, Nav Mishra, Gemma Thornton, Faisal Yousif, Callum Vibert, Elizabeth Hayden, James Gill, David White, George Downs, Richard Tiffin

Liz Hames

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: I am a Labour Party and Momentum activist and a big supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. I share their beliefs and principles and I will work the hardest I can to get the Labour Party under their leadership into Downing Street.

I am an experienced campaigner and have campaigned in the PCC and EU elections and for the City Council elections in Lincoln. I am also a member of Lincolnshire Women's group and am a big believer in equality for in every area of life.

I am the representative for Momentum Lincolnshire. I actively campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership campaign and for the CLGA NEC candidates by using the phone app and also at phone banks. I volunteered at The World Transformed in Liverpool in September.

I have been so impressed with the Momentum organisation since I became involved and I believe networking and good communication are vital in the fight to get Jeremy and Labour elected.
I want to help the organisation progress in any way I can, which is why I am standing for the NCG.
Please also support Cecile Wright, Martin Menear and Sam Poulson.
For more information go to my campaign page here: Link

Nominated by: Vince Williams, Cecile Wright, Nicola Brennan, Martin Menear, Chris Kuriata, Les Kuriata, Wanda Lozinska, Mike Hirst, Samuel Poulson, Liz Wright, Debbie Thompson, Adele Williams, Tom Unterrainer, Kathryn Salt, Louise Regan, Zoe Hughes, Jim Leman, Terry Deans, Cheryl Pidgeon, Keith Venables

Andy Thompson

Standing for position: Midlands, Wales, East and West

Statement: Comrades!
Recently disabled (stroke last year). Committed to genuine working class socialist principles and the rights of disabled people to be able to function equally everywhere, especially in the struggle for a socialist transformation of society.
Jeremy's leadership must be defended and strengthened against the right wing carpet baggers who stifle our movement.
Momentum needs to be an example of good practice, mentoring new activists and democratising the labour party. That means discussing matters before voting; preferably at meetings but remote access for people with disabilities must be adopted.
The ability to share ideas, be influenced to change one's mind, to have ideas moulded by input from across the country, is what underpins delegate democracy. A national conference of branch delegates will achieve that and must be able to make policy decisions as the sovereign body of the organisation, not the NCG.
-Experienced in Labour Movement since 1984
-Proven seasoned campaigner.
-Previous successful ward campaign manager in local election.
-CLP Exec, delegated from Unite.
-Founder member and Chair of Unite branch.
-Chair of Unite Regional Industrial Sector Committee
-Member of Unite Regional Committee
-Member of Unite National Industrial Sector Committee
-GP, Coroner, worked in addictions and homeless

Nominated by: Jan Vail, Jae Robinson, Mike Davies, Ian Pope, Peter Bloomer, Philip Woodfield, Naeem Malik, Sarah Teversham, Katherine Jack, Trevor Townsend, Mike Weaver, Darrall Cozens, Phil Pope, Mg Whittard, Tasib Y Mughal, Pauline Elmore, John Elmore, Chris Hicks, Mark Dale, Naomi Wallace